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Netw 471 Week 4 Essay

888 words - 4 pages

Request for Proposal
NETW471 – Advanced Topics in Networking
Professor Thomas Milham
Spring Session A
DeVry University Online

Date: March 12, 2012

To: All Venders

RFP Contact:

Subject: Request for Proposal for VoIP System

ABC Company wishes to enter into a contract for the total removal of the current POTS/PSTN, plain old telephone service/public switched telephone network, and the full installation of a VoIP phone system to cover 4 buildings, all on same property, with 150 user workstations in each building.

Selected vender will:
1. Remove existing phone system
2. Install, configure, trouble shoot, ...view middle of the document...

All proposals must be submitted to the RFP contact, as stated above, no later than the close of proposal submission date; June 1, 2012 at 5pm.
2. Two full copies of the proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope and this envelope must have in the lower left hand corner must indicate “RFP #6454 – VoIP Implementation Submission”.
3. Faxed, emailed, and telephone proposals will not be accepted.
4. All proposals must be signed in black ink by an authorized representative of the Vender to enter the Vender into a binding contract with ABC Company.

Contract Acceptance
Should a proposal be accepted from the submitted proposals, the Vender will be notified by phone call by the RFP contact and a letter of proposal acceptance will be mailed to the Vender.

Insurance Requirements
Vender will submit proof of general liability insurance of not less than $1million per single instance and proof of workers compensation insurance of not less than $1million per single instance and shall maintain said insurance for the duration of the contract. Vender will also name ABC Company on said insurance as “Additionally Insured”.

Content of Proposal
ABC Company reserves the right to refuse any content in a proposal either in part of in whole. Substandard work may also be refused and payment for this work, including all related costs for this work, may also be refused. ("Request for proposal," 2006)

All subcontractors of Vender may also be refused at the discretion of ABC Company.

Vender agrees to hold ABC Company not responsible for any actions of Vender that results in any legal action or claim against Vender or ABC Company in the performance of a contract with Vender.

Vender’s regular business must be in the type of industry for which Vender work is being performed.

Vender must...

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