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Network Design Essay

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Situation in which the Project Exists: This proposal is for a data communication network to serve the Maryland public education system. The Maryland legislature recently approved funding sufficient to pay for the development of this proposal. Pending proposal acceptance by the Maryland State Public Education Office of Technology (a department within the state Office of ...view middle of the document...

2. Integration and Update: Presently there are many LANs in the Maryland public education system, but much of the equipment is out of date, many of the LANs are incompatible with each other, and not connected in a system-wide network. This proposal describes a WAN that integrates and updates these LANs to support productive collaboration across the system.
3. Versatile Information Processing: The network will enable users to retrieve, process, and store ASCII and non-ASCII text, still graphics, audio, and video from any connected computer.
4. Collaboration: The network will combine the power and capabilities of diverse equipment across the state to provide a collaborative medium that helps users combine their skills regardless of their physical location. A network for this educational community will enable people to share information and ideas easily so they can work more efficiently and productively.
5. Scalability: The design is scaleable so that more district offices can be added as funding becomes available without having to redo the installed network.

Intended Users. The primary users of the network at the state level will be the three administrators, three secretaries, ten members of the Curriculum Department, eight members of the Human Resource Department, six members of the Finance/Accounting Department, and three members of the Computer Services Department. At the district level the primary users will be four administrators, four secretaries, four members of the Computer Services Department, sixteen members of the Human Resource Department, and two members of the Finance/Accounting Department. Parents, pre-service teachers, teachers, and the public are secondary users of the network in that they will receive information produced on the network, but they will not directly use the network.

Design Assumptions. This design assumes the following:
1. The State Education Network has a firewall that protects all information coming and going from the network.
2. Internet service is provided by the State Education Network, which is subsidized by the state government.


Data Types. The types of data served by the network will be reports, bulletins, accounting information, personnel profiles, and web pages. The majority of the data will be text (ASCII and non-ASCII), but there will be some still graphics and possibly a small amount of voice and video (primarily for PC-based teleconferencing).

Data Sources. Data will be created and used at all end stations on the network. The data will be produced by software applications in Windows 2000, primarily Dream Weaver and Office 2000 Professional (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook). Other data sources to be supported on at least a limited basis will Windows 2000 Accessories (Paint, Notepad, etc.), NetMeeting, Media Player, and PhotoShop. Note that the network will be not be accessible...

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