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Network Design Proposal

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University of Maryland University College

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I. Physical Network Design

A. Network Topology
Business Needs
Since 1947, UMUC has been providing quality education to the American as well as international students. UMUC is always developing new ideas and ventures to enhance the quality of the education that it’s students receive. In an effort to expand it’s academic and cultural knowledge to the growing student population UMUC has recently purchased an building and is moving forward with the plan to utilize it as a computer education and lab facility. The building is named as “ Library and Communication Center”. Establishment ...view middle of the document...

This is the core of our LAN. The topology used between this building and other buildings in the campus is Star Topology and the Data center is the core. The building in which we are establishing network “ Library and Communication Center” will be connected to the Data Center.

In order to accomplish the task with the least expense and still achieving the maximum performance level, star topology will be used for the network layout.

Implementation of the star topology will provide the best performance in a cost effective manner for the university. There are several computers in the computer lab and library. A glitch in one of the end devices should not pose a hindrance to other devices in the facility. In a star topology, if a component of the network malfunctions, it does not impact the other components of the network. Hence providing an environment to the students and faculty to resume their work in a different end device, if one end device malfunctions. For the same reason, it provides easy installation and removal of components from the network.

B. Network Media
Business Needs
The purpose of the Library and Communication Center is to provide a top-notch service to the students and faculty in terms of Internet speed, data transfer etc. In order to achieve this goal, careful selection of the network media is a must. Right selection of cables means that the users of the facility will receive better service in terms of Internet speed, reliability etc. Keeping in mind the size of the building and the expected Internet speed of 40 Mbps, use of fiber optic cable and UTP cable will prove to be most beneficial.
Proposed Network Media
The proposed Network Media for the network layout in the building is as follows:
Media | Approx. Length | Price per Unit | Total |
| | | |
Fiber Optic Cable | 1000 ft. | $200 per 1000 ft. | $200.00 |
UTP Cable CAT 5 e | 1000 ft | $50 per 1000 ft | $ 50.00 |

The images below show how the over layout of the network.

The layout in the individual rooms is demonstrated by the images below:

The switch in each floor will be connected to the main switch with a fiber optic cable. The wireless hub will also be connected to the main switch with fiber optic cable. All the other connections will be made using the UTP Cable Cat 5 e.
The segment length of a fiber optic cable is 10km and farther (single mode). This allows us to use it over long distances. In the single mode the speed is between 100Mbps to 100Gbps. Fiber optic cable is also beneficial because it provides better security. Fiber optic cables cannot be tapped. Fiber Optic cable is not susceptible to EMI and also provides higher data than coaxial cable. Use of UTP cable inside the building lowers our cost. The UTP cable is easily available, widely used and easy to install.

C. Network Devices
Business Needs
Selection of best network devices base on our business needs will provide...

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