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Network Security Essay

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Even though there are some downfalls with having too strong of a firewall or polices; is not being able to access certain websites, databases, and not being able to access the internet or intranet at all that you normally access. The major downfall of having the proper network security is the cost of it. Examples of expenses are but not limited to software, sonic walls, firewalls, and even a trained professional to maintain it all. When it comes to security you will have to be numb about the expenses of it. Failure to keep your network secure and or well maintained could lead to costly consequences legal wise, and ...view middle of the document...

The Conflicker virus has the potential to hang around for a very long time, or resurface in a slightly different form down the road. Knowing exactly when or where Conficker will rear its ugly head is simply impossible, but you can keep yourself safe by making sure your PC and security software are up-to-date. Hacking is another example and the most common and one of the hardest to prevent. Hackers are computer programmers with nothing but free time on their hands. Hackers have the ability to move through victims firewalls and other forms of security to access their victims personal files and information. They also have the ability to create and spread viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware and malware. For example there was an incident that had happened to a major bank sometime ago. Bank of America has had a cyber attack to happen to them. The attackers had high-end servers that would constantly send packets of traffic to the Bank of America servers, that caused them to pretty much lock up and crash. This caused many users to not have the ability to access their accounts via Internet.
People and businesses are handling more of their business online. Now with the convenience of the Internet people are doing more things online such as transactions. Online shopping is becoming more common now with the Internet. Online shopping has advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is that it is convenient and there are greater varieties to choose from vs. going to a store shopping around. The major disadvantage of online shopping is placing your credit card and other sensitive information on the Internet. And anything posted on the web is pretty much up for grabs for anyone. Businesses also perform most of their daily tasks with Internet or Intranet based applications. For example, by doing constant research on E Commerce, I found that the United States is ranked number one in E Commerce. Statistic shows that since the year 2000 the United States has been ranked number one in online shopping. And the top category that everyone is spending most of his or her money on is travel. Also by analyzing the charts and graphs, I have noticed that since the year 2000 E Commerce has been on a steady rise worldwide. And by the way is the top online shopping website. It blows my mind to know that the Internet is not secure at all and yet we are still posting all our information on it like there is no problem. The only thing that is somewhat safe is the Intranet. Businesses use the intranet mostly to perform their everyday tasks.
Proper equipment and maintenance will help with the consistency of the network security....

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