Networking Labs For Unit 6 Essay

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Unit 6 Labs

Lab 6.1: Wireless Broadcast Domains
Exercise 6.1.1 – A Basic Service Set does exactly what its name says; basic wireless service, one and only one AP creates the wireless LAN. Extended Service Set extends the wireless functions of a Basic Service Set. The difference is that in a BBS uses one AP to create one wireless LAN while an ESS uses more than one AP to create one wireless LAN.

Exercise 6.1.2 – IEEE 802.11 Standards
Standard | Frequency (GHz) | Maximum Transmission Rate (Mbps) | Standard Indoor Transmission Range (m) | Standard Outdoor Transmission Range (m) |
802.11a | 5 | 54 | 40 | 100 |
802.11b | 2.4 | 11 | 70 | 150 |
802.11g | 2.4 | 54 | 38 | 140 |
802.11n | 2.4 or 2.5 | 600 | 75 | |

Lab 6.1 Review
1. It uses a beacon like transmission to find other devices on IBSS mode and ...view middle of the document...

What information is given on the wireless networks with the Windows wireless connection manager? The windows wireless connection manager shows us the names of the wireless networks, signal strength, as well as type of security it has.

Exercise 6.2.2 –

Lab 6.2 Review –
1. It would be a bad idea because with multiple computers running on different companies’ rules and restrictions, it may cause for easier access to malware due to different people on the network visiting multiple sites and having the information ran through the same channel as all of the other computers.
2. It is important to make sure that the network you are choosing is backwards compatible because many standards work only for certain software that may be used. So having one that is backwards compatible is ideal so you don’t have to worry about incompatibility throughout your network.

Unit 6. Lab 6.4: WLAN Placement

Exercise 6.4.1 – A directional antenna is a type of wireless antenna that does not send its wireless radio signal in equal strength in all directions, but instead directs the signal in a particular direction. An omnidirectional antenna transmits its radio signal in all directions, with equal signal strength in all directions, resulting in a circular coverage area.

Exercise 6.4.2 - AP1- Right Angle
AP2- Directional
AP3- omnidirectional
AP4- omnidirectional
Yes, a lot of antennas, more and better coverage

Lab 6.4 Review
1. A radio wave is attenuated when passing through materials. First, a portion is reflected when it encounters the transition from free space (or air) and the solid wall. This is probably the greatest loss. Then, there is a loss tangent as it passes through the wall. There is an additional reflection when the radio wave encounters the transition back to free space (or air) at the other side of the solid wall. All of the losses are frequency dependent.
2. Classroom A- AP2
B- AP 3
A- AP2

3. Yes

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