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Networking Submission Essay

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It is the innate desire of every being to maintain balance within one’s life. Among other elements which need to be maintained, the foremost is the balance between professional and social skills. It is this balance which renews our human experiences and paves our way to success. This balance is achieved through networking; professional and social. Like all career paths in engineering practice this stability is vital as it equips us with the skills necessary for interaction with others. Thus the social and professional networking is highly invaluable to engineering as together they provide a balance ultimately leading to success in the field.
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This increased ‘coordination’ with peers makes an individual more likely to be considered for a promotion or get a recommendation. For an engineer this type of networking is vital as recommendations from peers lead to positive impact on the career. Furthermore, healthy work relations improve work efficiency which ultimately leads to success.
The second type of a network mentioned is Personal Networks. Unlike operational networking ‘the contacts are mostly external’ (Ibarra and Hunter 2007)[3] and the people might not be essential in your immediate task. Establishing relationships with them is of benefit as it allows you to evolve in your field and get feedback on your ideas from different perspectives and enable you to stay up to date with recent developments in your area of expertise. In other words ‘to benchmark yourself with peers outside, to remain a bit on the cutting edge of your profession’ (Ibarra and Hunter 2007)[4]. As an engineer meeting new people from various fields is common, thus this type of networking provides you with the relevant skills.
The third which is stated as being the most tough but also the most essential is Strategic Networks in which “contacts are both internal and external” (Ibarra and Hunter 2007)[5] which involves looking out to people which are from different fields. This benefits us as It allows to form links with other industry leaders and to share experiences and practices which will ultimately save time and effort in creating a more efficient work environment. Furthermore, it allows you to keep a tab on other industries which might be potentially beneficial. Engineers work closely with industrialists, hence learning to work with them gives them a further career boost.

Although each professional networking has a certain benefit, collectively they provide additional advantage. Networking opens a vast range of opportunities for you as a professional. Today with more people entering engineering field each year the competition is tough and a chance to work in new, exciting projects is very rare. Everyone wants to work in a project that is new, exciting and different from the rest. Recruitment for people to work on such projects is rarely advertised . Instead employers prefer to do it personally face to face. This practice is so predominant that it has been shown that people find about new jobs more from their personal network than any other method (Granovetter 1973)[5] . The rarer a project is, the greater the competition. Through the professional networking you meet employers from your field and hence advertise your name. Furthermore it allows you to share your achievements and your work and presents you a chance to become prominent from the masses. With effective advertising, employers would be more likely to recruit or approach you for projects or job openings thus increasing your chances of getting a job. As mentioned in the article How to Build Your Network’ by Uzzi and Dunlop featured in Harvard...

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