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Neuro Linguistic Programming Essay

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NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
NLP is defined as a practical model of the processes we experience to experience reality.
NEURO refers to how our mind perceive the information through our five senses ( Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory, Gustatory) LINGUISTIC refers to how we understand and interpret information through verbal and nonverbal communication PROGRAMMING refers to how we re-present the perceived message in our mind and how it manifests into behaviour. This model can then be analyzed to eliminate any problems faced by the individual. We can also model the positive or successful aspects of our behavior or those of another person, and reproduce that model and apply on our ...view middle of the document...

some Neuro-linguistic Programming methods have been designed by heavy influence from techniques used in other fields as well.

One of the methods included in Neuro-linguistic training is anchoring. This method relies on the fact that individuals usually form an anchor or make an association between an emotional state of mind or a feeling and a sight, sound, smell or touch. Using anchoring technique, a therapist trained in Neuro-linguistic courses can deliberately create an anchor for a patient, and then trigger the particular unique stimulus to help the patient access desired emotions or a target state of mind. Anchoring technique is said to have been derived from the family therapy of Virginia Satir and incorporated in Neuro-linguistic programming.

Another method of Neuro-linguistic Programming uses the swish method where a train of thought of an individual is modified such than undesirable behavior can be converted to a desirable one. A visual cue is usually used to get rid of unwanted habits such as smoking, drinking, addiction, over eating etc.. Audible sounds are sometimes added to the visual image to enhance the effect of the...

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