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Never Give Up Essay

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“Never give up!” Well, we often heard of this in our life, but it becomes more meaningful when it is spoken by Nick Vujicic, a person whom I admired the most. Without any medical explanation or warning, Nick Vujicic came into the world with neither arms nor legs. However behind these unfortunate, Nick was grown up as a person who is able to inspire and motivate people from all walks of life.
Nick is indeed a strong person. Throughout his childhood, he has dealt with many typical challenges during school and adolescent such as bullying and self- esteem issue. As he questioned why he was different from all other kids, he struggles with depressions and languages bravely
  After high school, Nick furthered his studies and obtained a double Bachelor’s Degree, majoring in Accounting and Financial Planning. He worked very hard to be able to have a good job and real life.
There are some points which helped him to cope ...view middle of the document...

Even if you can’t cope with something ,you have an argument with a boss or whole world is against you.
2.A Dream
There is a difference between goal and dream.The last is something that help you to see this world kinder and brighter. In addition,you assure yourself that you can do everything possible to make your dream come true.
For each of us it’s different but not less important.Motivation – спонукає you to see the result of the work now.Because of motivation we usually want to do our best and to achieve fixed purpose.
4.Communicative skills
A person should have common understanding most with everybode.In this way the main ingredient is charisma - a sort of magical quality of magnetic charm or appeal that makes people want to follow the person who has it.And of course your desire,senciere and faith. And some more:
It is important to work hard, and work professionally. But it is also important to enjoy your work.
• Think ahead to understand the way forward; ask yourself dumb questions to understand the way before.
• Attend talks and conferences, even those not directly related to your own work.

• After years of searching in different fields of occupation,Nick found his purpose of his existence . By the age of 23, he started to fulfill his dream in encouraging others with motivational speeches related to his life stories.
I admire Nick Vujicic very much. He is not only one of the greatest speakers but also an invalid who faces many more difficulties than normal people. His spirit on psychological research and his daily life has influenced me in my interests, my character, and my world view significantly.
Nick Vujicic 's experience also affected my character. The doctor told him that he could only live for approximately two years, but he would never be defeated. He keeps fighting against his fate. He is still living today and has great achievements. His story encourages me. When I face challenges, I cheer myself on with his spirit. I tell myself  never give up because Nick Vujicic never did. 
Nick Vujicic teaches me so much from his story and his behaviour. I admire him and hope to be a person as intelligent as him one day."

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