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New Army Promotion System Essay

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The New Army Promotion System

The Armed Forces have guidelines to follow in every aspect of its stability as a force to lead and defend. To lead and defend you have to have the knowledge and the capability to understand that these requirements come with a price to pay, and that it is with the intent of being the best Non Commission Officer (NCO) that you can within the Corp. Throughout this paper I will describe the Army promotion system as it was in the past, and compare some key changes to the Army’s current promotion system that has just been implemented 1 June 2011. My overall goal for this paper is to acknowledge the fact that the new system is more demanding and challenging, but ...view middle of the document...

Promotions for sergeant and staff sergeant are prearranged to benefit each individual rank. When it is geared to becoming a sergeant the Army wants to focus on the Soldier skills but for a staff sergeant their focal point is geared towards leadership. Now, the first stipulation that is brought to our attention is the procedures of the commanders and units board. It used to be that you could go to the board and receive one hundred and fifty points for both the commander and actual board proceeding. Even though the points are not awarded anymore the chain of command still has guidelines to follow, and still recommend the Solider to the board. The new Army way has decided that there shouldn’t be points being given. The only option the Soldiers are left with is the go/no-go method.

Do you really think that most Soldiers would agree to this outcome? There are mixed reviews about this but what can you do when the Army is changing. Soldier’s looked at the old system as being the easiest due to the points that were given by their Commander’s willingness and their board was based off their knowledge and professionalism. Do you think that it is fair that people were automatically getting one hundred and fifty points from the commander? Some didn’t deserve it and it wasn’t fair for the Soldiers who actually had to earn theirs. Well, to be frank there is still a board that is based off your knowledge and a commander’s recommendation but just have to realize there will be no points granted (Army G1).

Due to the drawdown of the Iraq war the Army has been focusing more on military education because of the lack of focus and leadership on becoming a NCO. The Noncommissioned Officer Education System (NCOES) is there to help build the Soldier’s capability and potential as he or she has taken on the roll as a NCO. NCOES’ have taken many hits but the Army is not putting it on the back burner any longer. We are in need of training as a Corps. As an NCO we should want to lead the Army to success in every aspect there is so that we can develop the incoming Soldiers and outwit the enemy.

In the old promotion system the first NCOES School that was taken was Warrior Leader Course, which was given 16 points towards the rank of Sergeant. It has seemed that the focus on military schools are serious due to the fact that the points increased 60 plus points. This is a sign that they are going to incorporate that all must attend and will be well worth it when looking to the next rank. It doesn’t just stop there but for those who are looking at becoming a staff sergeant the points increased 50 points. There isn’t really any negative feedback about going to a NCOES school but the only thing that may be the bear of bad news is long extended stay. Soldiers are not trying to stay any longer than three weeks for the reason that they feel like it is unnecessary lag time and being away from their family. Truth be told there is no way that any NCOES can fit their training...

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