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New Classroom Essay

1296 words - 6 pages

| New Classroom FAQs |

What is the number for Tech Support?
If you have any technical issues related to the class, call Student Technical Support at (877) 832-4867.
How do I access my class?
You can gain access to your class by logging into eCampus and clicking on the class title on the eCampus Home tab. You can also access it directly by clicking on the Classroom tab at the top of the eCampus screen. Do not attempt to access the class from your Program and Grades links, as it will not work.
How do I download or print the syllabus?
You can download and/or print a .pdf copy of the syllabus by clicking on the printer icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
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Where do I participate in class discussions to get my participation points?
Discussion prompts will be included in the Learning Activity instructions, or your instructor will get discussions started by posting starter threads below various learning objects. Any of these locations are appropriate for participation, which is required 4 of 7 days per week with at least 2 substantive posts per day.
How do I find a class discussion?
Discussions in the New Classroom are typically associated with a weekly assignment or activity. General class discussions take place on the Class Home view and can be seen below the To Do This Week section in the Activity Stream. For discussions on activities or assignments, navigate to the specific assignment or activity from the Syllabus to locate the discussion you want to view or participate with.
How do I join a classroom discussion?
To join a classroom discussion, start typing your response in the Reply field, located under the last response that has been posted. If you want to reply to a specific message, click on the reply button to the right of the message header and type your response.
How do I check for responses to my discussion posts?
Responses to discussion posts are displayed in the Activity Stream for each learning object.
What's the difference between Tasks and Learning Activities?
Tasks are activities and information that ARE NOT tied to any learning objectives or assignments, but are designed to enhance your student experience. Tasks often include friendly reminders and useful program information.
Learning Activities are activities that ARE directly related to your learning objectives and provide the information necessary to complete your assignments.. Learning activities generally include readings such as eBooks and articles from the University Library, videos, presentations, and tutorials. Learning Activity instructions often include and discussion prompts.
How can I see what Learning Activities and Assignments are due this week?
In the To Do This Week carousel, you will see the Learning Activities that are due for the current week. Use the carousel's arrows to scroll through the activities and assignments. Alternately, you can click on the Full Syllabus tab and scroll to the current week to view everything that's due.
How do I download the entire eBook?
After clicking on any eBook chapter link under Learning Activities in your Syllabus, the chapter will open in a viewer within the classroom interface, or in a new window if it is a PDF. If it opens in a viewer within the classroom interface, at the top there are icons giving you options to print, download the chapter, or download the entire eBook. If the chapter opens in a new window as a PDF file, you are unable to download the entire eBook, but you may individually save a copy of each chapter to your desktop.

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