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New Orleans Essay

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“A warm evening rain falls gently onto worn cobblestone streets and glimmers in gas lamp illumination. The smell of gumbo and crawfish boil permeates the air, mixing with the faint scent of absinthe and sweet cherry tobacco to create an intoxicating perfume, as unique and unforgettable as the Lady herself. A street car rumbles by, carrying its passengers further into the night, the staccato clickity-clack of its wheels creating a subtle drumming. A lone trumpet pierces through the sounds of merriment to accompany the beat, its bluesy cry carried along on the wings of the wind. Wrought iron works of art wrap the centuries-old French architecture, a Parisian paradise lost in a bygone era. ...view middle of the document...

A monumental sandwich, the Po’ Boy came to be during the Great Depression. Many laymen at the time could barely afford to meet the needs of their families, and as they labored day to day, they often became sickly from malnutrition. Always a close-knit community, the proprietors of various restaurants and general stores came up with a solution to aid their fellow man… That solution was the Po’ Boy. Each evening at the close of their business, restaurateurs and store owners took everything that went unused, and starting with a baguette, constructed massive sandwiches which were distributed to the working men for as little as a penny. Today, Po’ Boy’s are still a wonderfully inexpensive treat, and if you want to try something new, why not order alligator on it? As you take a bite of this king of sandwiches, savor, as well, a bite of history itself. After taking on a Po’ Boy, you may want a drink or two to wash it down!
New Orleans is known throughout the world for its night life, and people from all over the world flock to this party paradise for the amazing drinks, extraordinary music, and a big old dose of “Southern hospitality.” Although it is the “Birthplace of Jazz,” the French Quarter has a scene for everyone. You can relax with a stiff scotch and some sultry blues, or let your hair down with a little karaoke the world’s best happy hour… But if you seek an exceptionally unique experience, visit The Dungeon on Rue Toulouse. A two story establishment, The Dungeon has the most uniquely haunting atmosphere anyone could hope to find. Complete with a dungeon, hallways inlaid with human skulls, bathrooms hidden in the bookcase, and acid...

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