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New Service For Subway Essay

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Three new services that can be provided and offered by Subway
Subway is a well-known international fast-food industry in all over the world. Its major product is sandwich. The services provided by Subway are actually sufficient and fast enough. However, there are three new services that we are going to discuss next, which consist of the improvement in ordering, mini outlet as well as consultation.

1) The first new service is in terms of ordering
In the aspect of ordering, the first one is computerized ordering. This computerized ordering is separated into two: One is for those customers who take away and second one is for those who dine-in.
1.1 Computerized Ordering (Take-away)
What is computerized ordering?
Computerized ordering is customers take order individually by using provided computer device without contacting with staff. The main purpose of this service is to bring convenience to ...view middle of the document...

After that, receipt and one mechanical object with numbering will be given to customers and customers are asked to wait the object in hand vibrate and light on. Waiting area or waiting space will be provided for those customers who take-away and some reading materials such as books, magazines, newspaper and so on will also be provided. When the object is vibrating and light on, that means their food is ready and they can proceed to food collection counter in which they return the object to the staff and they can leave after collecting their food.
Target market
This service can be provided to whole Subway customers especially working people who want to fast and convenient service because this service only takes a few process to be implemented. Besides that, some of the generation X (people who born in 1965 to early of 1979) and most of generation Y or Echo Boomer (born in 1980 to 2000) will be delighted because they are familiar with technology. And they know that technology will bring convenience to them.

1.1.1 Computerized Ordering (Dine-in)
How does it implement?
For those customers who dine-in, they are free to choose any table to sit because there is a computer besides each table. Like the same as people who take-away, people who dine-in are not going to be served by any waiter or waitress but they have to order by using computer as well. Same method and same way in using those computers to order because all of the computers are standardized in terms of setting and system. After placing order, computer will show the food list that customers order and total amount of the food that customers have to pay then they will be asked to go to payment counter to make payment first. Of course, the computer of cashier will show how much the food list and total amount that the certain customer has to pay. After that, the mechanical object will be given. When the light is on and it is vibrating, customers must go to the food collection counter to get their food. If there is any problem like food given is not the same as what customers order, then employee will check on computer and the receipt of customers.

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