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New System Proposal Cis/207 Essay

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New System Proposal

Team B


January 16, 2013

New System Proposal

Riordan Manufacturing Company is leader in industry, and the company uses polymer materials to create solutions to customers. Dr. Riordan, a professor of chemistry founded Riordan Plastics Inc. by 1993 the company went to Riordan Plastics Inc. to Riordan Manufacturing Company and expanded the company into China. In 1991 the company supported commercial applications for his patent and the customers that use the products are the manufacturer of automotive parts, appliance manufactures, the manufactures of aircrafts, and the Department of Defense (DoD), alone with bottlers, and beverage makers ...view middle of the document...

Riordan Manufacturing Company can access their calls through an ISDN connection, and then there is one plant that is outside the United States, so AT&T offers a Global Network Client. With this service Riordan’s employees can make phone calls with an encryption technology to calls in vary countries. The service will also include the WI-FI feature, and since the company has the Ethernet 100-T AT&T can offer wired Internet along with the firewall protection (AT&T, 2012).
With the company accessing to the Internet and over 500 employees it is best to add the third party authentication serve that AT&T offers. AT&T also offers pop3 Internet mail, and a spam control feature (AT&T, 2012).
(ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning system is a software module that will handle major parts of the business enterprise. Team B sees that it’s feasible and cost effective to implement this system to the finance, sales, accounting, operation floor, and human resource departments. What the ERP system do is it integrates data and transactions between departments, the system would be used has one central database with in the company. As the main database system all the information about Riordan Manufacturing products will be shared within the departments. The ERP system processes the logistics side of the company, also help with inventory, maintenance, interacting with suppliers, vendors, and customers that use the company’s products ( Consona, 2012). The components of the ERP system will be at the heart of Riordan Manufacturing Company.
Finance department, research has shown the Riordan Manufacturing Company systems now are inefficient in different locations. So the component of the ERP will provide accounts payables, account receivables, and purchasing reporting in real time.
Human resources department, the components will provide performance rates and goals, The ERP system will also include payroll, benefits of the employees, along with performance monitoring on all employees.
Sales department, the ERP system modules will show all ordering processing, customers’ information, and vendors’ information. The system will also track all orders in real time as it comes off the production floor of operations. It will track and report all trends and percentages of the orders.
The diagram:

Operation floors, the ERP system will hold all of the supply chains that the company uses, materials, and scheduling.
Accounting department creates the income statements and balance sheets have become time consuming for this department. Through the ERP system the department will be able to communicate and respond in time by the integrate sate module. This will allow for thisthis department to also look at statements in real time. By streamlining through the departmentsdepartments, the financial process will improve the budgetary control and reduce accounting audit cost for the company.
Legal department right now the law office of Litteral and...

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