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New Type Low Pressure Circulating Fluidized Bed Hot Water Boiler

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Introduction :
The circulating fluidized bed hot water boiler is the latest generation of patent product developed by Henan province sitong boiler co., ltd. This product adopt the latest advanced CFB technology, the structure of boiler film heating surface and parallel baffled of convection tube. So the boiler is more reliable, simple, compact as a whole. The boiler body consists of coal feeder, combustion equipment, water cooling system, high temperature cyclone separator, economizer, steel, appendage, furnace wall, etc.
Structure feature
1. This series boiler adopts whole steel structure on floor, greatly save the investment of boiler basic construction . The boiler has a low thermal inertia, pressurization and air supply time is fast.
2. Hanging membrane wall furnace ...view middle of the document...

6. The most reliable and mature dual cyclone separator match with diaphragm wall insulation water-cooled tent and smoke chamber structure with diaphragm wall water cooling tent.
7. Double drum, multipass, vertically washing convection bank can eliminate the convection bank plugging ash and abrasion.
1. Widely burning adaptability.External circulating fluidized bed boiler can burn high quality coal, also can burn inferior coal. Combustion technology is environmental protection.
2. Simple feed back system, high combustion efficiency.
High temperature material under the entrainment of air get into material collector, the collected material enter into back feeder, then through return feeder back to the combustion chamber. Through multiple circulation burning, the combustion efficiency is very high.
3. Large range of load regulation, rapid load change ability. And in the bed does not put the heating surface of immersed tubes.

Model Rated capacity MW Outlet water pressure MPa Available fuel Outlet water temperature℃ Return water temperature℃ Circulating water t/h Coal consumption(Standard coal)kg/h Design of thermal power η Exhaust gas temperature℃
SHX7-1.0/95/70-A 7 1.0 Bituminous coal, anthracite, lean coal and lignite coal, coal gangue, slag 95 70 240 979 84.5% 165
SHX10.5-1.0/115/70-Aâ…  10.5 1.0 115 70 200 1381 84% 165
SHX14-1.0/115/70-P 14 1.0 115 70 268 1942 85% 150
SHX17.5-1.25/130/70- Aâ…  17.5 1.25 130 70 250 2205 84% 165
DHX29-1.25/130/70-Aâ…¡ 29 1.25 130 70 416 4105 84% 150
QXX29-1.25/130/70-H 29 1.25 130 70 413 9184 86.7% 145
QXX58-1.6/130/70-Aâ…¡ 58 1.6 130 70 826 11328 88.2% 142
QXX91-1.6/130/70-H 91 1.6 130 70 1296 30530 87.3% 143 Notes :Parameter is for reference only, if any changes should follow Actual drawings.

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