Nicaragua A Country In Crisis

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Nicaragua: A Nation in Crisis

Marbely L. Robison

Strayer University


Nicaragua suffers from serious social problems, aggravated by warfare and economic crises. The economic crisis of the 1980s, coupled with the Contra War, has worsened the greatest social problems Nicaragua has faced in the past few decades, namely unemployment, poverty and starvation. Widespread poverty and unemployment have lead to housing shortages, malnutrition and rising crime and illiteracy. More than half of Nicaraguans live in poverty; the statistics for unemployment and underemployment are just as high.

Nicaragua – A Nation in Crisis

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Around the same time, Nicaragua also signed the DR-CAFTA (Central American-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement). The agreement has arguably created thousands of jobs for those previously unemployed.


Nicaragua is stricken with poverty. About 80 percent of Nicaraguans live in poverty. Rising unemployment and underemployment has led directly to the rise in crime, gangs, violence, and poverty. In the big cities in Nicaragua, the poor live in slums made of cardboard and sleep on dirt floors; many people do not have access to safe drinking water or sanitary plumbing systems. The cramped living conditions of the slums has allow for the rapid spread of diseases such as pneumonia and diarrhea.
Many Nicaraguan and international governmental and non-governmental organizations have work to help lift some of poverty's burdens. The Center for Development in Central America (CDCA) is just one of many. CDCA is a non-profit organization seeking to address human needs created by poverty by helping communities become self-sufficient, sustainable, democratic entities; by working with Nicaraguan communities to help them realize their own goals, rather than bringing in ready-made solutions. This involves community organization, a flexible approach to needs and priorities as they shift over time, identifying areas where the CDCA can be of service, and following through in those areas, while empowering Nicaraguans and gradually phasing out the need for the CDCA’s assistance.


Nicaraguans are no strangers to hunger. Nicaraguans struggle to feed their families, provide for their children, and to simply survive. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO), Nicaragua is one of 17 countries worldwide at "high risk" of failing food security as a result of high food prices. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations identifies 1.5 million people as undernourished.

Many organizations such as the Peace Corps and World Vision aim to end hunger in Nicaragua. The Peace Corp’s many projects includes constructing latrines and health clinics, and providing books and supplies to libraries and schools.World Vision is a Christian...

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