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Nigeria Yesterday And Today Essay

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Olivia Knowles
Period 8

In the 19th Century, Africa’s most populous country fell under British control. A British Journalist named Flora Shaw suggested the land be named Nigeria, after the principle river of Western Africa, the Niger River. (Giorgio , "History in Nigeria". World 66. January 9, 2006)

There are many influences on Nigeria that were left from the past, for example the political and social views and systems. Before the colonial period, the Nok culture were present in modern day Nigeria and produced ironwork and terra cotta sculpture. (Radhika, Ranjan. "Nigeria, Pre-Colonial Era". MARXIST. June 2, 2009)
Years before, in the nineteenth century, the ...view middle of the document...

(Ranjan, Radhika. "Nigeria, Pre-Colonial Era". MARXIST. June 2, 2009)

The Sokato soon went to war with the Jihads, which stimulated slave trade. The slaves had previously been traded for guns and gunpowder in the Niger delta states, but the wars were taking place at a time where the British were actively trying to stop slave trade altogether. (Ranjan, Radhika. "Nigeria, Pre-Colonial Era". MARXIST. June 2, 2009)
They encouraged the Sokato and Jihad to trade palm oil in place of the slaves. They later found out that the idea wasn’t the best, because slaves were the ones who collected the fruits to make palm oil, and that created an even more internal slave trade. (Ranjan, Radhika. "Nigeria, Pre-Colonial Era". MARXIST. June 2, 2009)
In the 1820’s and 1830’s, many of the attempts at slave trades had been intercepted by the Royal Navy, and the slave ships were then deposited in the Sierra Leona. Some began to migrate back in search of homes to stay in and things to trade. They gave an invitation to missionaries to follow them on their search, and by the 1840’s,
They made themselves agents and allowed British traders and missionaries to gain access to places such as Calabar, Brass, Lokoja, Onitsha, Bonny, Abeokuta, and Lagos. Only a year later, the British tried to settle in Egba on a farm in Lokoja, but because the mortality rate of Europian officials was so great, the plan was aborted. ("Nigeria." Encyclopedia Britannica. 2010. Encyclopedia Britannica Online. 29 Apr. 2010)

Sustaining an admission to Nigeria was questionable as to whether is would be affordable. Niger trade became profitable by the 1870’s, and French companies were begging to notice. Roman Catholic missionaries from France came to consider missionary work on the Niger River. The British responded to this by defending their rights to free navigational access on the river, and they stated their response at the Berlin West Africa Conference (1884-1885). ("Nigeria." Encyclopedia Britannica. 2010. Encyclopædia Britannica Online. 29 Apr. 2010)

Decades later, many constitutions after World War II granted Nigeria a greater autonomy. By 1960, they were completely independent. Almost 16 years of Military rule followed, and in 1999 a new constitution was adapted, making a gentle transition to a civilian government. ("Nigeria." Encyclopædia Britannica. 2010. Encyclopædia Britannica Online. 29 Apr. 2010)
Nigeria continues to face, however, continues to work hard to maintain a petroleum-based economy. Their current main exports are oil, petroleum, tin, iron ore, coal, and limestone.
(“Africa:Nigeria". Central Intelligence Agency. 2010)
The current issues that Nigeria are faced with are rapid deforestation, soil degeneration, water and air pollution, and rapid urbanization
Nigeria has lost 409,700 hectares of forest per year from 1990 to 2000. However, between 1990 and 2005, Nigeria has lost 35.7 percent of it’s forest cover. (around 6,145,000 hectares)...

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