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Night Pilot Dream Interpretations Thesis Essay

1368 words - 6 pages

Night Pilot- Dream Interpretations

Main theme:
The purpose of this review is to analyze dream interpretation studies performed by
Rosalind Cartwright and see I can relate to its’ content. Also, I am to describe a dream of my
own and interpret it.
Rosalind Cartwright has studied in several institutes. She has performed studies of
dream analysis on several subjects.
Ms. Cartwright began her career as a psychologist in 1949 at Cornell as a social
psychologist. This only lasted a year before she changed jobs to Mount Holyoke.
While working at the University of Chicago, Ms. Cartwright was introduced to sleep
study in correlation with William Dement, who was ...view middle of the document...

Now Cartwright focuses on dream interpretations of people who are going through
divorce and are more prone to be in stressful situations. She is seeing that people with more
stresses have abnormal dreams that may cause the individual more stress than needed. The
ones that do have abnormal sleep behavior have longer periods of REM during sleep. REM also
comes earlier to people with abnormal sleep behavior.
With further studies, Cartwright hopes to improve emotional behaviors of people
through the ability to better understand their selves and seeing the real issues that cause them
problems in everyday life. She believes that one day, with a better understanding, many people
with psychological problems may be able to control their behavior better by understanding,
even controlling what they dream. This may become an alternative to taking anti-depressants in
the future.
I believe I can relate this article to a dream book I have read called, “How to Stop Bad
Dreams and Nightmares”. This book is written by Jane Teresa Anderson. Cartwright and
Anderson is both in conjunction with believing that dreams have an effect on individuals in
everyday life. They also believe by being able to structure your dreams, you’re able to have a
better ability to handle yourself in a conscious state.
Anderson uses tactical suggestions in her book to turn bad dreams into a more positive
experience. She also gives examples of dreams that may haunt a person, and how to improve
the nightmare. Also, just like Ms. Cartwright, her work is world renowned. She also has done
sleep studies one test subjects, and has written several books too.
This past week, I had a very odd dream. The dream was me waking up in bed and
I had to go to the bathroom. The place was one I’ve never seen before but I felt comfortable
for the most part.
So, I get up to go to the bathroom and open the bedroom door. As I do, I have to go
down a nicely decorated hallway. Once I get to the end, there’s a door I think leads to the
Instead it takes me in a room with babies all over the place. One baby particularly stuck
out and turned its cute little head at me and looked at me in the strangest way. After scanning
the room more; I see the children’s eyes shine a creepy silver color. This made me feel uneasy.
I see steps that lead upstairs; hoping it leads to a bathroom I run up them. I see the
bathroom door cracked open. Out of nowhere two doors open and babies crawl out of the
rooms. They circle me and look at me oddly for a minute. Getting freaked out; I motion towards
the bathroom door. The babies start...

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