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Nightlife Pleasure Vs. Pressure Essay

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Lebanese nightlife mixes people of all ages & backgrounds together into a very unique mode of entertainment. Some people are against going out at night and others are addicted to going out nightly. The different perspectives of the various people give better insight on finding out just how serious some issues on nightlife affect one another.
If there is a direct way to find out just how the night life is for those that go out, no other person would be better to hear it from then the average college student. Their perspectives are indeed varied, but the argument is good. “It is essential for my buddies and I to go out” said Marwan Nouihed, a Senior in LAU. “I just don’t like the way that ...view middle of the document...

“I will only let my daughter out at night when I feel she is ready” said Randa Sioufi a mother of 2 teen-agers. However some people are more extreme and think that their kids “can’t be ready to go out unless they get married” directs Hassan Sharkawi. The younger the person starts going out the more experience they get from the nightclubs and dealing with people that are drunk. This dealing with the intoxicated is what most parents fear. “The greatest fear I have is if I get a phone call at 3 in the morning to hear my son was killed in a car accident” said Roger Saad, 45 year old father of 3. It’s not just about driving, it’s also “some people lose their sexual control and do things at a younger age that us married people only do with our husbands” adds Kareen Saad, Roger’s 39 year old wife. Teen-agers going out at night risk being with people that are intoxicated that could make them do things they shouldn’t do and that are what parents fear the most.
The one opposing job to that contradicts the parent’s opinion is the club owner and manager. “This (age) problem is why we have a door policy of 21 and over” says Tarek Khaddaj from Club...

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