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Nike Strategy Change Essay

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The article that I found representing a business which recently underwent a change in its strategy was about Nike. The article was pulled out of the New York Times from 2005. The article was focused on how Nike decided to work on transforming its strategy from shoes to clothing and not only clothing, but fashionable and practical women’s clothing. Previously, Nike focused mostly on shoes and clothing catered to men’s preferences and fits. For example, the article states that until this change in 2005, women’s shoes were designed to fit a small man’s foot rather than the size and contour of a woman’s foot which is really much different than that of a mans. So, they decided to ...view middle of the document...

Management justified these changes because they wanted to cater to what women want since the sales of clothes surpassed that of shoes. When they saw that the clothing line was as profitable, if not more, than their shoes, they knew that to keep interest of the consumer they were going to have to cater to fashion in demand before their competitors surpassed and trumped their potential. Nike’s strategy proved to be an attempt to create a valuable resource because it meets all of the guidelines for making resources valuable listed on page 173. The first guideline is that the resources are critical to being able to meet a customers need better than other alternatives. When Nike created their new strategy the point was to create a product which catered to women and their needs as far as something fashionable, yet practical also to work out in. The second guideline is for the resource to be scarce. Though, eventually other organizations will imitate their efforts if they prove successful, they were creating a product which was new and in demand of the consumer (the women in this case). So, at the time they did create something that was scarce because it was new. The third guideline is for it to drive a key portion of overall profits, which was the goal since Nike started to see that the profits from the clothing lines they had were greater than that of their shoes in 2004. And lastly, the resource must be durable or sustainable over time. Nike was already known for its durability and sustainability so they already had that reputation working for them.
Nike succeeded in meeting new trends in mission components of strategic planning, being customers, quality, and vision. Nike continually focuses on its customers and their needs and desires, which is one of the reasons it stays on top of the fitness fashion industry in shoes and clothing. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of...

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