Nine Months To A Healthy Baby

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It is a mutual decision between a man and a woman that determines the health of the unborn child. Pregnancy is often an exciting time for expectant parents. More importantly, the expectant mother should take her condition seriously. The development and health of the fetus is ultimately the responsibility of the mother. In the following essay, I will examine the impact that nutrition, use of alcohol/drugs and physical activity may have on the development of the unborn baby.Nutrition is important for the well being of the mother and the child. The effects that are involved with poor nutrition can be crucial to the outcome of the baby?s birth. Malnutrition may be caused by the mother?s diet or ...view middle of the document...

Research indicates that ?The more cigarettes a mother smokes during pregnancy per day, the smaller the newborn will be? (Richard Naeye, 1981). The placenta is also affected by smoking. The placenta is the site of an exchange between the blood of a mother and the fetus, which is also known as the lifeline of the unborn. Smoking constricts the blood vessels in the uterus, reducing this flow to the placenta. Also the amount of oxygen and nutrients supplied to the fetus. An example of this is smoking leads to reduced birth weight and possible fetus is reduced. The potential harm smoking has during smoking is quite damaging to the fetus.A pregnant mother who consumes alcohol during her pregnancy can affect the fetus in many unhealthy ways. The first trimester of the pregnancy is the most crucial stage of development for the fetus. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can cause abnormalities to the brain development of the unborn child. This type of abnormality is known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) or Fetal Alcohol Effects (FAE), which are both identifiable in the medical field. FAS is easily identified by the facial characteristics, such as a small facial structure, a farther gap between the eyes or a noticeable wide space between the eyelids. Whereas, the FAE is identified by their behaviors that consist of a very minimal attention span, increased hyperactivity and a slow mental process of basic learning skills. Also, there is a link to the social behavior of the child in every development stage. In any case the expectant mother is given medical advice from their doctor not to consume any alcoholic beverages throughout her pregnancy.Another source of information given to an expectant mother is the abstinence of drug use during her pregnancy. The use of drugs at any time during pregnancy can be very harmful to the fetus. Studies have shown that any drug used by the pregnant...

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