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Nintendo Market Analysis
Summary and Impacts

Since 1983, Nintendo has been known for a leader in video game console manufacturer. With console like NES, Gameboy, Nintendo 64, 3DS and a lot more, Nintendo has been able to create an impressive intellectual property and a huge status in part by courting users that span generations and skill levels. Nintendo compare to others game manufacturers, wants everyone to play to little kids to grand-parents, from handheld console or through video game console. Among the Big Three of the videogame console makers, Nintendo's battling with Microsoft and Sony for the hearts and dollars of devoted gamers. But lately, Nintendo have lost high share in the ...view middle of the document...

Video Game Market Revenue, Worldwide, 2012-2015 (Millions of Dollars) |
Segment | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 |
Video game Console | 37,400 | 44,288 | 49,375 | 55,049 |
Handheld Video games | 17,756 | 18,064 | 15,079 | 12,399 |
Mobile Games | 9,280 | 13,208 | 17,146 | 22,009 |
PC Games | 14,437 | 17,722 | 20,015 | 21,601 |
Total Video Games Market | 78,872 | 93,282 | 101,615 | 111,057 |


What Nintendo needs to do right now is to make another gaming console. They can continue support the Wii U through their current roadmap of games to not obfuscate fans but the console is too slow and too unintuitive to make money compare to Sony and Microsoft. The Wii U was created in an attempt to compete with the Xbox or PlayStation with a controller to compete with the iPad and they have failed in both regards. Also going all the way with mobile gaming will bring the brand image down and Nintendo don’t want to lose face. They should put all their resources behind this new console. The idea is to create a $99 console to play retro Nintendo games. With a variety of titles ready at launch to be sure that people go crazy. Every single game will not be release in store but only online, so this device would not have any cartridges. So it will only be a hard drive and an online store. Games could be cheap as $5 to $15 depending on the title they release. Since all the game are already create, they can release hundreds of titles within months of launch and if they want a thousand within the year. After that, they could updated old classics game to run with updated HD graphics and new levels. These games could be sold a higher price like $15 to $25 depending on the game. If they want more they could also try to...

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