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Nns Research Writing Skills Essay

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Developing Research Paper Writing Skills

This assignment sequence, though it is a particularly challenging area for non-native speakers, is also a sequence that would be helpful for native speakers. The sequence will take one week, and should be taught after students have engaged in research, chosen a thesis and composed an outline for their paper. The assignment will assist them in beginning to write paragraphs that effectively use source material in the context of a paragraph. The supplementary signal phrase resource provides non-native speakers with the language they need to effectively transition into a piece of source information within a paragraph.Using Source Information in ...view middle of the document...

“For girls, the first crisis point often comes in early adolescence.”
Source: Barbara Kantrowiez and Claudia Kalb “Boys Will Be Boys,” pg 202

4. “In early societies, men’s role as hunters and warriors gave them more prestige than women. With that prestige came power: men could distribute food to the entire community and determine its social structure.”
Source: Hamilton McCubbin and Barbara Blum Dahle “Sex Roles,” pg 192

5. “ ‘Real-life’ role models affect children’s thinking; so, too do the role models in literature (including comics and children’s books), film and television…”
Source: Hamilton McCubbin and Barbara Blum Dahle “Sex Roles,” pg 193

6. “Realizing that a partner’s behavior is not his or her individual failing, but a normal expression of gender, lifts the burden of blame and disappointment.”
Source: Deborah Tannen “Sex, Sighs and Conversation: Why Men and Women Can’t Communicate,” pg 213

Part 3: Choose one quotation and imagine how it could fit into the context of a paper with the thesis mentioned.
1. Paraphrase the quotation.
2. Decide what type of source you have chosen to put into your paper. Is this background information? Is it an argument source? An opposing viewpoint? Consider the IBEAM model.
3. Where would this fit into a paper? Think about how you might introduce this piece of information. Develop a short paragraph using your paraphrase and...

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