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Chapter 11
Experiments and Test Markets

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which term below refers to a study involving the manipulation of one or more variables to determine the effect on another variable?
A) ex post facto
B) experiment
C) monitoring study
D) communication study
E) descriptive study
Answer: B Level: easy

2. Which variable in an experiment is manipulated by the researcher?
A) dependent variable
B) extraneous variable
C) moderating variable
D) independent variable
E) mediating variable
Answer: D Level: moderate

3. Which variable in an experiment is the variable expected to be affected by the manipulation?
A) dependent variable
B) ...view middle of the document...

What is the dependent variable in the bystanders and thieves study?
A) the store environment
B) exposure to a robbery
C) state of being alone or with another person
D) act of reporting the robbery or not
E) reaction of the accosted shopper following the robbery
Answer: D Level: moderate

7. The actors playing the role of the accosted shopper and thief in the bystanders and thieves study are known as _____.
A) confederates
B) assistants
C) criterions
D) affiliates
E) accomplices
Answer: A Level: moderate

8. What type of research design is used in the bystanders and thieves study?
A) descriptive
B) causal
C) exploratory
D) monitoring
E) communication
Answer: B Level: easy

9. Which of the following statements best represents the hypothesis in the bystanders and thieves study?
A) People exposed to a robbery will judge the seriousness of the situation according to the response of the victim.
B) Bystanders will perceive a robbery as less frightening when in the company of another person.
C) Reports of a robbery are more likely among victims of a robbery when a witness is present.
D) Bystanders are more likely to report a theft if they view the theft alone than in another person's company.
E) Bystanders to a theft will be less likely to shop at the store in which the theft occurred.
Answer: D Level: difficult

Use the following to answer questions 10-11:

The district attorney's office wants further evidence of the results found in the bystanders and thieves study. It decides to conduct a study using data from reported thefts over the past 5 year period. Police records indicate whether bystanders who report a crime are alone when the crime is observed or are accompanied by one or more people. The district attorney's office will assess whether more theft reports indicate that the witness was alone or with other people.

10. Which type of study is being conducted by the district attorney's office?
A) survey
B) experiment
C) ex post facto
D) interview
E) observation
Answer: C Level: moderate

11. Which of the following statements best represents the hypothesis in the district attorney's study?
A) People exposed to a robbery will judge the seriousness of the situation according to the response of the victim.
B) Bystanders will perceive a robbery as less frightening when in the company of another person.
C) More robberies are reported by bystanders who view the theft alone than by bystanders who view the theft in the company of others.
D) Reports of a robbery are more likely among victims of a robbery when a witness is present.
E) Bystanders to a theft will be less likely to shop at the store in which the theft occurred.
Answer: C Level: difficult

12. Which research design listed below is most appropriate for establishing causality?
A) focus group
B) individual depth interview
C) experiment
D) survey
E) behavioral observation

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