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Child Care Center Risk Reduction Plan
Program Name: _____________________________________________ License #: _____________ Child care centers must develop a risk reduction plan that identifies the general risks to children served by the child care center. The license holder must establish specific policies and procedures or refer to existing policies and procedures that minimize identified risks, train staff on the procedures, and annually review the procedures. [Minnesota Statutes, section 245A.66, subdivision 2]

1. Physical Plant. Identify specific risks to children based on an assessment of the physical
plant where licensed services are provided. The assessment must include an ...view middle of the document...

The assessment must include an evaluation of the required factors listed below in column 1. Write each identified risk in column 2; insert additional lines as needed. In column 3, write specific policies and procedures you have developed and implemented to minimize each risk, or in column 4, reference existing policies and procedures that minimize each risk. Environmental factors required to be assessed Type of grounds and terrain surrounding the building Identified risks Policies and procedures developed and implemented to minimize the risks Existing policies and procedures that minimize the risks

Proximity to hazards, busy roads, and publicly accessed businesses

Page 3

Minnesota Department of Human Services Division of Licensing Office of Inspector General November 2012

3. Additional risk of harm factors to children. In addition to any program-specific risks
identified under the physical plant and environment assessments, the risk reduction plan must address the risks identified below in column 1. In column 2, write specific policies and procedures you have developed and implemented to minimize each risk, or in column 3, reference existing policies and procedures that minimize each risk.

Identified risks

Policies and procedures developed and implemented to minimize the risk

Existing policies and procedures that minimize the risk

Closing children’s fingers in doors, including cabinet doors Leaving children in the community without supervision Children leaving the facility without supervision Caregiver dislocation of children’s elbows Burns from hot food or beverages, whether served to children or being consumed by caregivers, and the devices used to warm food and beverages Injuries from equipment, such as scissors and glue guns Sunburn

Feeding children foods to which they are allergic Children falling from changing tables Children accessing dangerous items or chemicals or coming into contact with residue from harmful cleaning products
Page 4 Minnesota Department of Human Services Division of Licensing Office of Inspector General November 2012

4. Accessibility of hazardous items. The accessibility of hazardous items to children is
prohibited at all times when children are present.

5. Policies and procedures to ensure adequate supervision of children. The risk
reduction plan must include specific policies and procedures to ensure adequate supervision of children at all times as defined under Minnesota Statutes, section 245A.02, subdivision 18. The policies and procedures must include particular emphasis on the areas identified below in column 1. In column 2, write specific policies and procedures developed and implemented to ensure children will be adequately supervised at all times. Required areas to be addressed regarding supervision of children Times when children are transitioned from one area within the facility to another Policies and procedures developed and implemented to ensure adequate supervision...

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