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Non-Employment ConflictManagement "In both our personal and work lives, we negotiate to make decisions that are acceptable to everyone concerned" (Wilmot & Hocker, 2007 p. 243). The Wamayo Basin Management and Conservation (WBMC) Department is an entity of the federal government assigned with the task to formulate policies concerning water management, conservation of water, wildlife, and habitat. The Wamayo River and its tributaries merge and flow into the Pacific Ocean. The construction of dams on three tributaries over the past two years encourages hydropower projects and supplies irrigation to farmers. The area's most concerned with the new policy are members of the Salmon Survival ...view middle of the document...

Water for irrigation use requires the tributaries to redirect the water, leaving insufficient water for the salmon. The irrigation water can be returned to the river but the water must be treated to remove pesticides, fertilizer, and adjust the water temperature. The Farmers Association's interest conflict with the logging and timber industry who do not want more dams built. Another conflict is the activities performed by the Farmers Association reduce the salmon population (University of Phoenix, 2009).The Northwest Timber and Paper Association position is to ensure the logging rights continue. This industry provides employment to 35% of the local residents and produces revenue over $1 billion. The logging and paper industry processes increase the silting and sedimentation in the river water, release toxic chemicals into the water, and increase the average water temperature. A conflict occurs because the salmon population suffers from the activities from the logging and paper industry. Northwest Timber and Paper do not want more dams, which conflicts with the Wamayo Department of Energy (University of Phoenix, 2009).Any of these industries can have special interest groups or the media become involved. Environmentalists can protest and at the same time, scientists are designing safer turbines for the salmon to swim. Friends of the River state, Portland citizens who get their electricity from PacifiCorp should know that their utility could run up their electric bills by refusing to take down four dams on the Klamath River. Those dams do very little but block the passage for salmon and destroy the once-mighty river. Experts have shown that removing those dams -and replacing the electricity they produce with other renewable sources of power-would actually be cheaper than PacifiCorp's plan to keep the dams and build fish ladders. So we thought by running this ad on Portland area buses, PacifiCorp customers would start to raise the issue with their utility (Friends of the River, 2007, ¶ 2-3).The development of a policy where all stakeholders agree to the terms concerning the number of tributaries to allocate for the salmon, for dams and hydropower, the acre-feet to provide for irrigation water levels, and the tax credits for the timber and paper industry needs developing. Opportunities and to apply a tax on agriculture revenue are additional options. A budget has been established for the policy development.The Salmon Survival Group's goal is to increase the salmon population. The dams, paper and logging industry, the Department of Energy, and Farmer's Association conflict with this goal. Negotiation occurs in conflict resolution when the parties recognize their interdependence, have been able to establish their concerns, are willing to work on both incompatible and over lapping goals. Establish enough power balance so people can 'come to the table,' and when procedures are in place so people can talk to each other in a problem-solving way...

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