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Non Profit Essay

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Recommendations and Guidance for VTC Enterprises
David Vasquez
California State University, Long Beach

PPA-525 – Tuesdays
Presented to: Dr. Sundstrom
December 4, 2012
Final Paper

Overview of the nonprofit sector
The nonprofit sector is the collective name used to describe institutions and organizations in American society that are neither government nor business. (“What is the Nonprofit”, n.d.) Outside the United States, nonprofits are often called nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) or civil society organizations. (Campbell, 1987) However within nonprofit organizations there are other names which emphasize the characteristics that distinguish nonprofits. Essentially they are ...view middle of the document...

The size, diversity, and activity of nonprofit organizations have grown dramatically over the past decade as a result of government efforts to "privatize" services and programs. (Everett, 1999) This sector employs approximately 12.5 million people, expends $120 billion in annual personnel costs, and represents $340 billion in total annual budget outlays. (Lauber & Atkin, 2006) The nonprofit sector offers multiple employment options for Master’s or Bachelor’s degree graduates. Examples of job titles include: Assistant Director of Fundraising, Program Analyst, Program Director, Program Officer, Marketing/Research Associate, Director, Community Outreach Coordinator, Finance Director, Director of Information Systems and Director of Public Relations.(Otting, 2007)
Some of the primary job functions can include working with a Board of Directors, public and community groups, fundraising, media, clients and other nonprofit organizations. (Non-profit career roadmaps, n.d.) With a multitude of areas available to find a career in there are also a plethora of specializations in the nonprofit employment sector. These specializations includes 41.9% for health services, 21.9% for education/research, 18.3% for social and legal services, 11.8% for religious organizations, 3.9% for civic, social, and fraternal organizations, 1.9% for arts and culture, and 0.3% for foundations. ("International careers guide:" 2006)
Nonprofit management is an increasing and dynamic career field characterized by the growth of new organizations and new programs developed to improve the human condition. Furthermore, the outsourcing of previously government managed-programs to the nonprofit sector continues to serve as a catalyst for new positions. Finally, finding a career in the nonprofit sector can be rewarding in both monetary and personal benefits as we see an increase in this third sector.
Introduction of VTC Enterprises
VTC Enterprises is a Santa Maria based non-profit organization providing quality products and services to the local business community and training and employment to people with disabilities since 1962. ("VTC enterprises," 2012)The mission of VTC Enterprises is to assist youth and adults with disabilities or other limitations in choosing and achieving their life goals. VTC enterprises employ over 350 capable workers with disabilities. ("VTC enterprises," 2012) They also provide quality products & services to over 400 businesses, industries & other customers. In order to achieve these astounding facts their annual budget is approximately 11 million dollars and has over 100 employees. ("Economic research institute," 2012)
Adjunct Theory
The adjunct theory was first enunciated by the Seventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in 1934 in the case of Produce Exchange Clearing Assn. v. Helvering. (IRS, 1980) The Court of Appeals reviewed the tax status, for the years 1943 to 1947, of a corporation organized to operate a bookstore and restaurant on the...

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