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Non Verbal Essay

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Nonverbal Rule Assignment
University of Maryland University College, Europe

“Nonverbal communication is composed of all those messages that people exchange beyond the words themselves.” (p. 53) Often one does not realize how much of an impact that can come from not engaging in conversation with the inclusion of nonverbal communication. If verbal and nonverbal communication are used together it creates a complementing relationship that shows we are actively listening and showing interest. The purpose of this paper is to show a time when I broke a nonverbal rule. The topics being addressed are the nonverbal rule I broke, the reaction of how it affected the speaker, and how I ...view middle of the document...

When I listen to people talk I make it a point to ensure that I am looking at them to show I am interested in what they have to say. Since doing this is so important to me I thought it would be an interesting experiment to look elsewhere when a speaker is talking to me. The easiest way to do this experiment was to sit down with somebody and have a conversation. I would then not maintain eye contact, or look at their face during the conversation. For the experiment I chose one of my coworkers to talk with about his trip to the farmers market over the last weekend. Throughout the experimental conversation I sat at my desk and looked at some work that was on my computer screen. I avoided looking at the speaker, but stayed active in the conversation by ensuring that I spoke with him about the subject.
The reaction of the speaker was very interesting. I could tell that while he was talking he kept attempting to create eye contact with me to make sure I was with him in the conversation. Despite his attempts to create and maintain eye contact with me I avoided his attempts even though I badly wanted to maintain eye contact. I got a feeling from the speaker that he felt disconnected from me during the conversation. It appeared that he thought I was more focused on whatever was on my monitor instead of him talking about the good prices at the market. When attempting to stay engaged in the conversation the speaker eventually faded away from the conversation due to his belief that I was not into the subject. After the conversation was complete I apologized for being rude during the conversation and explained that it was an experiment for school.
The experiment was overall a very difficult task for me to do. Not maintaining eye contact during the conversation proved to be a real test for me. I felt as if I was not 100% into the conversation because of my lack of eye contact with the speaker. Creating an environment...

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