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Nonverbal Communication Essay

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Examples of Nonverbal Communication

There are several types of nonverbal communication that may be evaluated on the basis of certain examples, that will help you understand the nuances of this complicated form of communication.

Facial Expressions
When reading facial expressions, some of these examples may help:
← While maintaining eye contact is a sign of confidence and positivity, avoiding eye contact is one of the most clear negative nonverbal communication examples. This implies that the person may be lying, or fears confrontation.
← The smile is another give-away when it comes to facial expressions. While a soft smile is a soft expression that is encouraging, a rigid smile or a smirk may be a sign of contempt.
← Raised eyebrows ...view middle of the document...

← Keeping shoulders rigid again give a sign that you may be unapproachable, and may affect the kind of people you attract towards you.
← Constant fiddling with everything in sight is a sign of anxiety, frustration, boredom and lack of interest.
← Standing with your hands crossed behind you, combined with your facial expressions may be a clear sign of anger or frustration that you are trying to hold back.
Gestures animate the conversations we have with others. We point, we wave and use all sorts of body language gestures while we are talking.
← For instance, you may constantly be rubbing your neck, or your the back of your ear. This is a sign of discomfort and lack of confidence.
← If you are angry, you may be clenching your fists to control your anger, or in preparation for a physical attack!
← Rubbing hands together indicates excitement and indicates readiness to engage in an activity.
← Shrugging may show a lack of interest.
Even touch plays an important role in nonverbal communication. For instance:
← When your boss is praising you, and pats you on the back, it is a sign of genuine liking for you and your work.
← A firm handshake is the sign of confidence.
← We all know the reassuring effect of a warm bear hug.
← Someone who holds your arms while talking is either trying to make a statement, or to portray that he/she is in control.
We all have a physical space around us. Sometimes we find people invading that personal space. It may be to portray any of the following:
← Intimacy
← Affection
← Dominance
← Aggression

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