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Norfolk Southern Essay

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Norfolk Southern

The rail freight industry has had fluctuations in achievements with regards to various ways of shipment. The competition of shipment with various other means available in terms of sky and highway has made rail transportation less desirable. Rail freight is very inflexible; which is the reason why road freight transport has become very popular. The current status of rail freight transportation is not very efficient. In terms of the process of how Southern Norfolk and its associated transportation companies; there is not much cooperation regarding effectively swapping 40” boxes for 53” boxes. The issue came about decades ago when there were not enough 53” boxes so the focus ...view middle of the document...

Conrail was auctioned in the market and Norfolk Southern was the winning bid. Conrails IPO made history with a record breaking 1.8B. In 1997 Norfolk teamed up with a similar rail transport to control Conrail’s operations and assets. This grew operations an additional 7200 miles. Present day Northfolk Southern subsidiary controls approximately 1.2 million acres of coal, natural gas and timber through states ranging from Tennessee to West Virginia.
Intermodal freight transport encompasses the shipping of cargo in a container or car using various types of transportation such as trucks, ships and railways without any handling of the freight itself when exchanging methods. This technique decreases freight handling as well as creating efficient security, in turn reducing shrinkage and speeds up transportation. The benefit is the reduction in cost.

Containerization is the use of a steel box that carries the cargo as freight on the railway. This style of transportation revolutionized the way freight has been shipped. One of the benefits is allowing double stack transport to reduce damage and allow...

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