North Korea Human Rights Issues Essay

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North Korea Human Rights Issues
North Korea as we know is a communist country ruled by Kim Jong-Un. North Korea has been under the State’s radar from the nuclear threats to their human rights. They spark United State’s interest once more when the previous leader passed away and the duty was passed to the youngest son and now we are trying to dig deeper into the secrets that North Korea has been hiding away with the their barred wire to keep others from coming in. With the help of South Korea, we can explore the different levels of torture, inhumane activates, and the new leadership of Kim Jong-Un.
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They in return will “shower” the leader with words such as “Great Leader and Dear leader (Song, pg. 94) and defending him with endless loyalties. Korea and China have the same idea of human rights as China, they express their human rights as a individual will not be able to enjoy their rights if they don’t put their loyalty to their country and as for Korea the states is being emphasized rather than individual (Song, pg. 97). The nuclear power and its development are seen as a security and survival for themselves and see it as life and soul. Chong talks about Western values and the difference from theirs and they views on this subject. Such as “protection of human rights depends on the socio-political structure of society (Song, pg. 101) and they are not automatically given the rights but its reward to them.
By the end of the Cold War Kim Il Sung focused on food, education, and medical treatment and quoted “A rice ration for everyone is an important communist policy. We also have the right to education. …Children who reach school age have the right to receive a free 11-year compulsory education and the right to on to university. All schools and universities are free of charge. We have medical treatment so that no workers have worries about receiving proper medical treatment for their illnesses (Song, pg. 105-06). Giving a boost of hope to his people and trying to make this work as to provide living expanse so they are not scrapping for work and getting nothing and having education for those who need it and having it offered to be free will help the younger generation help their parents by not having to worry about cost of money to send one child to school because of the cost. Also giving higher incomes to the peasants on farms (Song, pg. 106).
In the article that Andrew Wolman wrote talks about the North Korean human rights violation and South Korea views. The abuse of human rights has been on the State’s mind as well as North Korea boarding neighbor, South Korea. For decades North Korea has been a site of human violations and causing a political dilemma for South Korea who is deeply concerned for others especially those that are they’re own kind who are suffering and at the same time concerned about security and unification (Wolman, pg.1). In South Korea, Park Geun Hye administration brought a policy with four principles the first using North Korean human rights as political tool, the second one is to concentrate on promoting multilateral, the third one is mainstream about North Korea rights issues with all South Korean agencies and the last part is that to not lose focus on other domestic issues while focusing on North Korea (Wolman, pg. 1). In North Korea, the terms of human rights and freedom of speech is restricted and the numbers of those that are in the prison have been growing. Also the freedom of religion is non exist as well and the straggling number of prisoner currently there’s about 50,000 to 70,000 (Wolman, pg. 2). The type...

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