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Not Applicable Essay

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Mohamed Rawoof

How to Defeat Greed
People always want to chase their ambitions, and fulfill their dreams, but once they have reached it, new goals are created. Greed to set higher standards in life is a common way of being dissatisfied. Income is a great example of dissatisfaction amongst many people, but the key to satisfaction is not reaching a specific income, or accomplishing a goal, but rather achieving happiness.
Money is a great desire for most people, but the rich can still be just as unsatisfied as the poor .This happens because the perspective of money is not depended entirely on wealth, it is also on the desire a person has for it. Someone can ...view middle of the document...

Gamblers usually start staking their money because they are unsatisfied with their wealth, but the problem is gambling only causes more dissatisfaction. People either leave dissatisfied because they lose, or they win, and eventually lose afterwards. The reason why people don’t quit after winning is because they still aren’t satisfied with their winnings, and want to earn more. Rarely will they leave a casino making a profit. A person’s goal before entering a casino might be to earn one million dollars, but once they make that much, their goal is going to be extended to a higher level, and they may want to earn ten million. While trying to earn more money than they wanted initially, they lose the one million that they earned. Because people don’t have a sense of satisfaction with their goals, they don’t know when to stop, and in cases like gambling, it causes them to become more dissatisfied then they were to begin with.
What is more important when it comes to being happy, going through an experience of achieving something, or acquiring something itself? People that buy things just because they want them tend to be the following: less satisfied with life, less happy, more likely to be depressed, more likely to be paranoid, and more likely to be narcissistic (Van Boven). With all these factors, people should be informed that acquiring things just to feel pleased typically won’t give them satisfaction. Leaf Van Boven from the University of Colorado and Thomas Gilovich from Cornell University carried out an experiment that gets at this question of whether materialism results in less happiness. They randomly divided students into two groups and gave each group slightly different instructions: one group was asked to write a description of a material purchase that made them happy. The other group was slightly different. They were asked to write a description of an experiential purchase that...

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