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Not Guilty Essay

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Love is gentle, and kind, never ugly nor bitter. It shall never over whelm the feelings within to kill. Han himself, Caught up in a misunderstanding of lost love. He's not guily of murder but, guilty of loving strong. When someone has decided to murder his or her significant other, it’s the importance of the crime phase which they think about. NO one can plan a successful killing overnight. Especially when it's to murder a woman or man that you love. A crazy person can execute or pursue a murder, but it’s something you wouldn't want to get caught doing. You have to cover every little track, and all your trails you leave behind. In the case of Han, in the story "Han's Crime", written by ...view middle of the document...

He accused her of killing, for the simple fact that she committed adultery on him with a family member. Now back to the main matter at hand. Is he guilty of manslaughter, or was her death premeditated murder? It’s up to the judge to decide after hearing everyone, and everything. Will the judge believe that Han is a genuine person, and also understand how very difficult it is to perform his act with knives? Right now we’re facing a controversy, to convict or let go. Manslaughter determines that there was an unlawful intent to kill. Premeditated murder means you've thought it out to increase the success of it going through. Before you can even decide which side you are going to argue, think about to two opposing sides that are being charged against Mr. Han. Yes, we don’t have the words from his wife’s mouth to say, “Oh, it was an accident; we were just putting on a show, and he severed my carotid artery.” Manslaughter may not be as serious as murder. It is not a justifiable or excusable killing for which little or no punishment is imposed. You technically don’t have to know someone to commit manslaughter. Here’s an Example: A guy walks into the store to purchase a carton of milk. He and another guy reach for the last carton on the shelf. The young man that enters the store first feels that he should get, so he grabs it then walks off. The gentleman that’s left standing there pushed his buggy into the guy, and he falls to floor and hits his head on the freezer and dies. This not murder; this was an accident, so it will be proved in court. Now when trying to pin premeditated murder there's only one way to do it, and that is planning. If Han was to do this, he would have thought it through to the point where he knew down to the beat of her heart. The place of the show, how she was going to lay, what angle to throw so that instead of missing he hit, were their going to be any witnesses, what kind of clothes would she be wearing? There were so many different opinions, and insights about what should happen to Mr. Han. Some might say that Han murdered his wife by mistake, because she cheated, she didn’t...

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