Notes On Ap World History Unit6

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* Immediate origins of world war 1
* June 28th, 1914 assassination of archduke Francis Ferdinand
* Sarajevo Bosnia, Herzegovina
* Occupied by austro Hungary empire 1887, annexed 1908
* Ferdinand in favor of greater Serbian autonomy
* Not enough for Serbian extremists
* Outcome of princips bullet
* First conflict of global proportions
* Conservative estimates 15 million dead( 5 million non-combatants) 20 million injured
* End of four empires, rise of nine new countries
* Massive global economic dislocations
* End of Europe’s domination of globe
* Larger causes of world war 1
* Nationalism
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s was the world’s leading power
* Japan emerged dominant in east Asia and western pacific
* Nationalist movements
* 1919 pan African congress
* Egypt
* Wafd 1919
* Britain declares it independent in 2/28/22
* Sultan faud becomes king faud
* India
* 1919 revolt
* Gandhi (1869-1948)
* Styagraha or “force of truth” movement relying on passive disobedience. Strikes, fasts, boycotts, and demonstrations against British rule
* Americas 7 Fat years
* 1922-1929
* Stock market boom
* In 1924, 282 million shares of stock changed hands on wall street
* In 1929 1.824 billion
* From 10/24/1929 to 10/29/1929 American stocks fell in value by 30 billion
* Ecological disaster in the west
* Latin America
* Argentina, ch9le, Uruguay, Mexico and brazil
* 1914: Argentina 1/3 of population foreign birth
* The finest country on earth
* 1930 depression
* Argentina, Peru, and brazil coup d’état to dictatorships
* Guatemala the Dominican republic and el Salvador follow suit
* The blame game
* Jews
* Unscientific breeding weakened society
* Capitalism
* Democracy was a disaster
* Return to authoritarian governments
* Socialism
* Three schools of thought
* J.M. Keens welfare capitalism
* Authoritarian
* Totalitarian
* Keens capitalism
* Taxation
* Public spending
* Well-judged interventions to stimulate the economy
* Britain, France, Scandinavia, and America
* Roosevelt’s Presidency federal debt nearly doubled to over 40 billion from
* Authoritative and totalitarian
* Right wing corporate
* Keep private enterprise
* Rights are at the service of the state
* Forces all citizens to collaborate in the collective effort and coerce or exterminate groups thought to resist the common pursuit
* Extremely nationalistic
* Fascism an example
* Left wing
* Collective all economic activity
* Sales private property
* International in nature
* Anarchists vs. communists
* Or collectives vs. state run
* The republic of china
* Revolution in 1911 forces emperor Puyi to pay
* Chinese nationalism
* May fourth movement
* Students urban intellectuals protest foreign interference
* Especially Japanese interference
* Sun Yates
* Created nationalist peoples party
* Accepts support from soviet union
* Members of the Chinese communist party also join guomindang
* Civil war
* Jiang Jieshi takes over after death of sun Yates
* Launches military expedition to unify china turns against communist allies
* Communists flee to northwest china
* Mao Zedong leads elucidates Chinese communism

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