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Nothing As Yer Essay

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Bhai Mohan Singh Nagar, Rail Majra, Tehsil Balachaur, Distt. S.B.S. Nagar (Nawanshahr)
PUNJAB - 144533, India

1. Introduction :
Max Speciality Films Ltd (also known as MSFL) is a unit of Max India group which has operations in hospitality, healthcare and insurance. The company currently produces BOPP films, Metallized films. In this expansion project the company proposes to install the project of manufacturing of additional capacity of BOPP film, a Speciality Coated Film and Thermal Coated film.

2. Expansion Quantity :

The proposed Expansion is as under
Sr. No | Product | Existing | ...view middle of the document...

This process causes the film to thin down without reducing its width. At this stage, the film so obtained is monoaxially oriented.

For biaxial oriented, subsequent stretching in the transverse directions is accomplished on equipment known as stenter frame which consists of two endless chains equipped with gripping clips mounted on a frame. The final width of film will be 8700 mm.

The film produced is wound on steel cores at the winder. The roll thus produced is known as Mill Roll. These rolls are stored for 32 to 72 hours at ambient conditions in maturation area to facilitate stabilisation of physical properties.
The matured film on mill rolls is slit into various widths on a set of slitting machines comprising mechanical razors. The actual width & length of slit rolls depends upon the end use requirement.

The process of operation is purely physical by mechanical stretching and reorientation of molecules achieved under specific thermal conditions for achieving desired physical properties for packing, over-wrap and lamination. All the films are manufactured through co-extrusion process.

Raw Material details
S. No. | Raw Material |   | Quantity consumption /Daily |
| | Unit | Existing | New | Total |
1 | Homopolymer |   | 107 | 67.5 | 174.5 |
| | MT | | | |
2 | Copolymer |   | 9.7 | 8.2 | 18 |
| | MT | | | |
3 | Additives |   | 7.6 | 15.3 | 22.9 |
| | MT | | | |
4 | RGG |   | 8.7 | 9.4 | 18.1 |
| | MT | | | |

5.2 Coated Films:
Coating is process of covering of substrate plastic films like BOPP, BOPET etc (of thickness 12 µ to 75 µ) with lacquer and inks such as Acrylic, PVDC, and Polyurethane as per the end application, using gravure technology. The purpose of coating may be decorative, functional or both. Some of the main application of the Coated films are Pressure sensitive label application , Over wrapping , high barrier packaging( like snacks ,baked goods ,tea , coffee ,pet foods & agarbattis ) ,Adhesive Lamination (book covers ,Invitation cards ,Cosmetic Box covers , menu cards) and fresh foods , salads etc packaging |
MSFL Is planning to put up a coating plant wherein BOPP and BOPET film is coated with Inks and Lacquers such as Acrylic and PVDC so as to give following properties to the film : 1. Barrier against Water vapor 2. Barrier against oxygen to preserve foods 3. Aesthetically pleasing properties 4. Printing properties 5. Adhesive/Label properties |
* Raw Materials:
Basically two raw materials are required for coating process: Substrate and Lacquer/Inks (like Acrylic, PVDC). Substrate is a plastic film on which coating is done.
Lacquer used for coating can be water based or solvent based chemical. Chemical used depend upon type of application of finish product, substrate and process capabilities. |
* Mixing of Raw Materials:
Two or more materials are mixed as per the required...

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