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Nothingness Essay

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The wall appears to be chiseled from one large block of marble. As if the Gods
themselves found a piece of black marble large enough to cover an area apparently the size of Kansas. In fact the Gods themselves did, for this is the wall of Asgaard, realm of the Gods.

Seated amidst mountains of mist and covering fully half of existence, the city of the Norse dead is surrounded by this towering wall of rough black marble. From the mountains, a stone paved path winds down to the foot of the wall. On the path a group of figures are descending its flagstones, working their way to the foot of an immense silver gate, that stands ajar, opening the way for any travelers. ...view middle of the document...

He seems to be looking for something.

After the leader¹s speech she turns to the man wearing the kilt, ³Adric, are you ready to find our guide?²

³Yes, I will go and seek a spirit whose knowledge can serve our needs.² With a solemn bow, he moves through the gate, vanishing quickly into the swirling darkness on the other side.

The blonde youth finally moves, walking slowly to the gate, peering through intently. A piercing scream startles him and he nearly falls through. His proximity makes it more natural than intelligent to plunge between the silver mesh after a young woman who has brushed him aside and charged into the darkness after Adric.

The youth regains awareness on a dirt road that winds away into a sunny forest. The young man leans down to check on the woman, who is lying prone on the ground, under a massive oak tree. She has a bruise on her forehead, most likely a result from her collision with a low hanging branch. ³Dana, are you ok?²

Sitting up she asks ³Who are you, and why do you know my name?²
³My name is Chad, I met you at the Pombajira ritual last night, you dance very well.²
³Well Chad, no, I am not ok, I was just chased by a huge wolf and I ran into a tree.²
³Wolf? I didn¹t see a wolf.²
³How could you miss that? It hundreds of feet tall snarling and howling, it chased me!²
Dana shook with obvious fear as she relived her flight.

Regardless of Dana¹s assertions, Chad did not see the phantom wolf that drove Dana through the gate. Chad was more concerned with discovering where they were and how to get home.

³Any idea where we are?²

³No.² She replies. The sunny forest and winding road were as unfamiliar to her as they are to Chad. Before they could explore their surroundings any further, a tremor threw them to the ground. An ear splitting howl shattered the blue sky, and seemed to rend the world itself. Suddenly the woods before them exploded into splinters as a gigantic wolf towering 400 feet high at the shoulder ran through and nearly crushed them with his passing. Close behind rode a group of warriors, riding strong horses, with long braided hair whipping behind them. Shouting insults and battle cries, they shook their axes in the air and followed the wolf in close pursuit.

³What the hell was that?² Chad exclaimed, dragging himself to his feet.

Before Dana could respond a familiar voice interrupted him, ³I wouldn¹t say that word too many times, the Gods tend to know if their names are spoken here.² Adric appeared over the same rise the warriors came from only moments before. He seemed much more at home here than he had before their journey.

³Hel, she¹s the Goddess of the dead lands, right?² Dana asked.
³Yes, and this is her realm you are in, don¹t speak her name unless you wish to meet her.²

Chad stood upright, dusting off his denim pants,...

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