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Nsa Prodject Part 5 Essay

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Red Group: John Richard Eib, Adam Upham, James Hare
SP2799 Network Systems Administration Capstone Project
Part 5

The fact that the ABC Company has locations throughout the world creates some additional concern when designing a security system. We have designed a physical security system that will provide adequate security for the company’s facilities, assets and personnel. The system specifics are as follows: (See attached schematics)
Corporate Office, San Francisco, CA
First Floor
Front Entrance/Lobby – Electronic Lock (24 Hour Attended Security Desk)
* Exterior – Card Reader With Time Recorder, Camera With Intercom, Camera Pan/Tilt/Zoom With Recorder 24 Hour
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These safeguards must be applied in all administrative, physical, and technical areas and can include the use of locks, guards, administrative controls, and measures to protect against damage from intentional acts, accidents, fires, and environmental hazards such as floods, hurricanes and earthquakes.
Organization’s Position
ABC Company depends on every employee to help keep the office facility secure and to cooperate with the need to protect ABC Company property and privacy through safeguarding practices and careful handling of sensitive data and information.
These procedures apply to all personnel who use, manage, design or implement programs on behalf of ABC Company.
Roles and Responsibility
Security Director shall:
* publish and maintain policy guidelines on facility protection.
Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) shall:
* prepare facility protection policy
* monitor the adherence to the facility protection security policy, and
* ensure all personnel are trained in the facility protection security responsibilities and duties associated with their jobs.

Office Manager shall:
* communicate to the users facility protection security requirements outlined in this policy,
* monitor the adherence to the facility protection security policy,
* ensure all personnel are trained in the facility protection security responsibilities and duties associated with their jobs,
* ensure employee’s badge and keys are returned when no longer needed,
* immediately notify the ISSO if an employee's badge or key card is lost, and
* promptly inform the ISSO on any noncompliance to this policy.
Users shall:
* understand their facility protection security responsibilities and duties,
* understand the consequences of their failure to adhere to statutes and policy governing information resources,
* immediately notify supervisor if identification badge or key card is lost, and
* immediately notify supervisor if there is noncompliance to this policy.
Facility Protection Security Policy:
* Access to the ABC Company offices are restricted and controlled at all times by key card.
* All doors and windows must be locked.
* Signs are used to indicate the areas restricted to authorized personnel. An Authorized Access List must be maintained that lists personnel authorized to enter the restricted area.
* All employees are issued a photo identification badge and key card. The badge must be displayed at all times. Badges should be removed or concealed when leaving...

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