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1. Describe a local land line phone system based on the following Landline Telephone Components:

a. Local Loop- it is a loop of copper wire that allows current to flow from the telephone to the central office and back.
b. Central Office- The central office serves a group of customers in a certain or local area. A good example the book utilizes is that the customers associated with the central office are identified by the first 3 digits of their phone number (not the zip code).
c. Local Exchanges- I’m assuming you mean the carriers not the customers, Local Exchange Carriers are local telephone companies that provide service along with other Local Exchange Carriers within a designated ...view middle of the document...

In a FIFTH networks, the connection is typically made in the customer’s premises whereby fiber-optic or copper cabling is connected to the ONT (optical network terminal).
iii. Access Networks- An access network is part of the network that connects the individual customer or business to the telecommunications system.
iv. Regional/Metro Networks- A metro network is responsible for aggregating information from the local exchanges of a specific service provider, as well as information from other independent service providers, and sending the information to the regional and long-haul/core network.
A regional network also referred to as a WAN network is basically a larger version of a MAN network. It is responsible for aggregation of information from metro networks. Regional networks are typically the last point before information traffic is put onto the core network.

c. Cable TV:
i. Broadcast TV- Broadcast TV prior to the 1950’s was information primarily delivered over fixed lines or radio broadcasts.
ii. Community Antenna- In the early stages, it was an antenna placed on the highest point, such as a hilltop with a copper cable that carried the signal from the antenna to the user or group of users.
iii. Network Access Point- Is a terminal that serves as a connection point for drop cables.

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