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This is an Executive Summary Plan for our new building for which construction begins in exactly six weeks. My name is David Pierce and I will be the Project manager for the design and installation of our new cable network for that building. I am excited to be a part of the project and look forward to working with each and every one of you during this exciting time of growth for our company. When considering the capacity if this project I ask you to consider all ideas or changes you see as plausible and should be brought to my attention at anytime. All input will be appreciated and welcomed.
When I was assigned with this project I was given several different diagrams of how our new building ...view middle of the document...

The technical expertise they have for developing documents that reflect our current cable design, material content and other performance criteria will be essential for us to meet codes designed by organizations like the American national Standards Institute, Telecommunications Industry Association and the previously stated Electronic Industries Alliance. When working with ICEA we will have access to documents developed by Telecommunication Wire and Cable Standards Technical Advisory Committee that consists of ICEA members, along with other manufacturers, material suppliers and local standards and code groups. Meeting the standards of these organizations is a must if we are to open this building on schedule.
As in any large undertaking like this one there will be a lot of material we will need to acquire. From the simplest equipment such as Patch Cable (DSL line that runs from your computer to the wall jack) to the most complex as Cisco Catalyst Switch’s to the most expensive which will be all of the servers we need to purchase, clarity of the budget will be essential. There will be thousands of feet of cable that have to be bought. There has been an inquiry on whether we should use fiber-optic cable or go with al copper cable; this subject will be addressed later in this letter. As for other material we will need, include computers with Windows 7 operating systems, network routers, and printers. These are just the tip of the ice berg but to help you understand for just these items, each will need other things just for themselves to work properly to include keyboards and mouse for all the computers, ink for all the printers and so on.
To address the cable inquires and ideas. I don’t not like the idea of installing copper cables in our new building it’s outdated. A copper cable is a 1960’s technology and in my opinion should not be installed in a building being built in 2014. The only positive thing about copper cable is that it is half as expensive as fiber optic cables. The negative statements include fire hazard, frequent and expensive maintenance compared to fiber optic cable, radio wave interference to name just a few. There is no upside to installing this mostly due to the age of this line and most of our ISP and telecommunication business partners already use fiber-optic cables for getting us the access to internet and phone lines needed. But if we do decide to use copper lines for our network we will need tools such as Copper cable cutters, Network testers, powered cable cutters to name a few.
Moving on to Fiber-optic cable there are several better aspects that we need to address to show the upside it has compared to copper cable. The most important aspect I believe is with the lack of electricity that fiber optic cables don’t have (making it a non fire hazardous bonus) it is replaced with a much higher bandwidth which means that our network will be drastically faster and making our employees much more productive and happier all...

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