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Nta's Pathways To A Low Carbon Economy

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NTA’s Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy
Prof. Thomas ODonnell
January 25th, 2012

NTA’s efforts to reduce their carbon footprint are an example for all companies trying to adopt more sustainable practices. As the NTA studies and analyzes their current situations, they begin to realize they can make immediate changes and which ones will take more time. McKinsey & Company’s greenhouse gas abatement cost curve found in “Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy” offer a few ideas that may aid the NTA in achieving its goals.
The first goal that would benefit the NTA’s GHG abatement project is implementing motor systems efficiency, which means using motors in their fleet that are energy efficient. ...view middle of the document...

Just like 1st generation biofuels are an improvement from diesel, 2nd generation biofuels are the next improvement that follows. Although, it will take some time for these to be produced commercially, once they are, demand will work in the same way as with the 1st generation to make them readily available for consumers.
The hybrid car models we see offered today are only a fraction of what we could have. The NTA’s use of full hybrid and plug in hybrid cars would almost completely eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. Most of the hybrids we see on the roads today are mild hybrids, which have “an oversized starter motor that turns off the engine when the car is coasting, braking or stopped, then restarts the motor quickly and seamlessly” (, 2009). The full hybrids, “has an electric motor and a rechargeable battery, which can work independently or in conjunction with each other”. We can also find the plug in hybrid, which is similar to a mild hybrid but it uses larger batteries and can be charged from normal household outlet. Because the plug in makes more use of its batteries than...

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