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Nuclear Energy Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the pro-nuclear and the pro-renewable energy lobbies.
There are many doubts as to the reliability of fossil fuels and their ability to keep up with the rapid world population growth. This second concern arises as the availability of fossil fuels is declining and many other sources are being suggested as time advances. Moreover, people agree that fossil fuels contribute to global warming as it releases many greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, enhancing the greenhouse effect. Nuclear and renewable energy lobbies are these alternatives, which seem appealing due to their numerous advantages. Nonetheless, there have some weaknesses to consider.

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Nuclear organizations are exposing more strength to their projects each time, for example, the fact that they emit nearly no greenhouse gases. This is an important factor for the campaigns to gain popularity because today, people are very concerned with the enhanced global warming and a way of dealing with this problem urges. Nuclear power comes from Uranium, a recyclable fuel that allows it to be used repeatedly if it is managed carefully. For instance, nuclear waste in the USA is over 90% Uranium. Also, nuclear power plants can be sited almost anywhere, unlike some fossil fuels like oil, which has to be imported by many nations from the Middle East like Iran. Consequently, this would allow countries to be energy independent, which is a main target for many as they seek for more reliable and productive energy sources. If these nuclear power plants turn out to be efficient, the economic boost would be significant.

However, nuclear power plats have economic and political issues. Not only is it costly to build, but also to maintain and manage in order to be able to reuse this energy in the future. This arises doubts as to the economic ability to gain benefits once the nuclear power pant is put into use. Most countries cannot afford this investment, calculated in medium-term investment of up to 10 years. On the political side, waste products are dangerous and need to be carefully stored. Nuclear weapons may lead to conflicts between countries as they can be seen as a threat to a possible attack in the future. Moreover, as nuclear energy triggers energy independence, in the countries where this source is unavailable it will be complicated to obtain nuclear power plants.

In conclusion, although the pro-renewable and pro-nuclear lobbies have a few negatives, it is evident that these schemes will overtake fossil fuels as, overall, they provide more efficient and sustainable approaches towards future energy and they are more environmentally friendly. Global warming is a very serious matter and the solution to tackle the induced greenhouse effect seems to have arrived, providing energy efficiency at the same time.

Summaries the broad issues facing countries as they decide on their 'energy futures'.
Today, countries are concerned with the future energy sources as the availability of fossil fuels declines and new schemes are being suggested. In order to decide the sources of energy each nation will use, governors need to take into account several factors such as energy supplies, economic costs, environmental impacts and public opinion. Today, fossil fuels dominate global energy sources, however, thing may change in the next few decades.

The main factor to consider is the availability of each energy resource, or what is the same, energy supply. Fossil fuels supplies are diminishing, and concerns arise as to the ability of the supplies available to keep up with the increasing population. In developing countries, energy demand rises...

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