Number The Stars Book Report

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Title- Number the Stars
Author- Lois Lowry
Genre- Historical Fiction 138 pages
Time- 1943 during the Second World War
Place- Copenhagen, Denmark

The story begins with Annemarie Johansen and her friend Ellen Rosen having a race down the street when they are confronted by two Nazi soldiers. Later that night, Annemarie reminisced about her older sister, Lise’s death and how she was hit by a car. After the Nazis begin to close down stores and shops run by Jews, Peter Nielson, Lise’s, fiancé takes Ellen’s parents into hiding, and leaves Ellen with the Johansens. That night, Nazi soldiers arrive at the Johansen’s apartment demanding the whereabouts of the Rosen family. After failing to get answers from the Johansens, the Nazi soldiers leave. The next morning, Annemarie and her mother leave ...view middle of the document...

After Annemarie delivers the package to Uncle Henrik, she returns home to her mother. Two years later the war is over and all of Denmark is celebrating.

The conflict of this story is the Nazi occupation of Denmark. The Nazis are tracking down the Jews and taking them elsewhere, presumably to concentration camps. At first, the soldiers go to the synagogue to find the names and addresses of the Jews. The soldiers then begin to discriminate against the Jews.

Although all the Jews were not saved, some were smuggled out of the nation. The Rosens were the primary focus of the Jews being smuggled out. They were snuck on to a ship bound for Sweden. The war against the Nazis was over in two years.

Impact of setting
In this story, the setting plays a crucial role in the plot of the story. The setting of Denmark is the location of conflict in the story. The Nazi occupation of Denmark is the reason of why it is necessary for the Jews to be smuggled out of the country.
Traits of the Protagonist-
Annemarie Johansen can be described as loving and brave. She risked her life for her friend Ellen Rosen who she loves very much. For example, the night when the Nazi soldiers came to her house demanding the whereabouts of the Rosen family, she helped Ellen rip off her chain which bore the Star of David. She also exhibited bravery when she was confronted by the Nazi soldiers in the country-side of Denmark delivering the package to her uncle.

Quote from the story-
• “Sometimes you can be braver when you know less”
This quote is saying that one can maintain their disposition under pressure when they are less knowledgeable about their situation. When one is not aware of the gravity of the consequences, they can maintain calmness. For example, when Annemarie was delivering the package to her uncle, she did not know what was in it or what it was. Therefore, she did not feel nervous and was able to keep calm.

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