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Nursing Practice ActNursing Practice ActThe Texas Nursing Practice Act (NPA) governs the practice of nursing in the state of Texas. It is implemented by the Board of Nursing (BON) to ensure that each person holding license as a nurse in Texas is competent to practice nursing safely. As such, nurses wanting to work in Texas are subject to the regulation and standards stipulated in the NPA and implemented by the BON. The primary requirement for nursing practice is the license. Any person practicing or offering to practice nursing in Texas must have a license. Licensed nurses are expected to renew their license every two years and are required to identify themselves either as Registered Nurse ...view middle of the document...

Nurse can report to the BON if "the nurse has reasonable cause to suspect that (1) another nurse has engaged in conduct subject to reporting; or (2) the ability of a nursing student to perform the services of the nursing profession would be, or would reasonably be expected to be, impaired by chemical dependency" (Sec. 301.402). This is to ensure that the patient's welfare is promoted and protected within the workplace setting. Nurses who fail to practice nursing professionally and competently as specified and mandated by the NPA can be subjected to disciplinary action, including revocation of license. The NPA lists the following as grounds for disciplinary actions: fraud or deceit in procuring a license, using nursing license, diploma or permit that has been fraudulently bought, issued counterfeited and altered; intemperate use of alcohol or drugs that could endanger a patient; unprofessional or dishonorable conduct; adjudication of mental incompetency, lack of fitness to practice due to a mental or physical health condition; and failure to care adequately for a patient or to conform to the minimum standards...

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