Nurses Must Provide Emotional Support To Patients

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People often hear the saying “No man is an island.” This is because every individual needs other people in order to survive. It is definitely true that the three basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter must be given to people in order to survive in their environment. However, it does not end there. Those necessities are not good enough to make someone live a happy life. In order to achieve a life worth living, one must have a good relationship with the people present in his or her surroundings. An individual must be a part of an effective social process. This could mean that he or she should be able to give and to receive emotional care from other people.
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In order for an individual to satisfy the need for self actualization, he or she must satisfy first the four needs since self-actualization is the highest form of need.
This paper aims to explore the underlying assumptions of concepts such as care, comfort, loneliness, and isolation. It also seeks to relate these assumptions to a grand concept of relation practice. To achieve this, the world of an individual who experiences one of those concepts would be examined, specifically the situation of a female suffering from a sickness called encephalitis, using the model proposed by Abraham Maslow. In order to come up with good results, the author would conduct an in-depth analysis of the concepts and of the situation of this female who is married and has two kids. She is suffering from encephalitis and she does not have a good relationship with her husband. This paper also aims to present a description of the concepts, the limitation of the concepts, and an analysis of the discrepancies that appear in the literature regarding the concept.
Review of the Literature
In exploring the concept of relation practice, it is unavoidable to look at the conditions of nurses who are providing care and comfort for the patients in the hospitals. In different parts of the world, nurses have their own challenges to face because of the profession that they possess. In this paper, it is important to cite some of the studies conducted in the past regarding this provision of care and comfort and the experiences of nurses in performing their duties.
Villa and his colleagues (1999) conducted a study that sought to determine the condition of health care in Brazil. They also wanted to find out how hospital personnel in Brazil interact with their patients and how they render care and comfort to the sick and the dying. The discussions of these researchers were based on the data kept by Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, Federal Nursing Board, Regional Nursing Board, and the Brazilian Nursing Association. There was an issue in health care that Brazil faced. Brazilians experienced a vast increase in the number of their outpatients units. This has caused them to have a high demand for nurses. Several public nurses worked together with nursing technician and associates in order to produce a good plan in managing the situation (Villa et al., 1999)
In 1999, Schwarz conducted a research to examine the lives of nurses when they are assisting severely ill patients. Nurses were asked about their real experiences regarding rendering clinical assistance to those who are sick. The study revealed that even nurses find some difficulties in performing some of their duties. In doing the study, the researcher tried to look at the various aspects of the causes of those dying patients. Some of the aspects that he scrutinized were social, legal, and political facets. At the end of the research, Schwarz (1999) concluded that the difficulties experienced by the nurses...

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