Nursing And It's Future Essay

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Nursing and Its Future
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recognizes the need for an advancement of the Nursing practice and medicine. Nurses compromise a huge portion of the medical population; they are trained to react to multiple situations routine or emergent. Nurses are trained to act beyond their scopes of practice in many states ("IOM Report," 2010). The IOM is proposing for nationalized educational standards, practice standards and licensure standards. Currently there are about three million Registered Nurses nationwide, of those there is only about 60% who work in the acute care setting (Rosseter, 2011). Nurses create the largest portion of most staffing in any medical facility, yet ...view middle of the document...

It is believed that Physicians are trained beyond what nurses are and there will be no substitute for Physicians. When in fact Nurses could be trained to the same standards and be allowed to have residency programs to specialize in various areas of the health care industry ("IOM Report," 2010). In order to change to way of the health care system, the mentality of those who serve and who are served by the system would need to be more educated. State regulations would need to be nationalized in order for APRN’s to be able to practice independently, as there are many states that do not recognize Nurse Practioners (Institute of Medicine of the National Academies [IOM], 2010). The Federal Government would need to intervene in order to be able to nationalize the health care industry. There are many federally granted programs which would serve as a payer source for these proposed primary Nurses. These programs would need to accept APRN’s as primary care providers to give quicker accesses to these providers (IOM, 2010). “Because one of the greatest barriers to nurses’ capacity to transform the health care system is the patchwork of state regulations, the committee finds that the federal government is particularly well situated to enact effective reform of the practice of APRNs by disseminating best practices from across the country and creating incentives for their adoption.’’(IOM, 2010, p. 3)
I believe that in the proposed changes more Nurse’s would be more willing to go further in their educations and become APRN’s. I know, I personally have...

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