Nursing Career Essay

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Tammy Wilson
Karen Mach
29 August 2014
A Career in Nursing
My career choice is nursing. Nursing is a highly in demand profession. Having a RN degree can open many doors in the medical field. They have nurses who work with children, those that work in Hospice and some take more of a manager position as a Director of nursing. The satisfaction of knowing you are helping another and that your job makes a difference in someone else’s life is the greatest reward.
Pediatric nursing requires a desire to work with children. Pediatric nurses work in many settings such as clinics, hospitals, and schools. As a pediatric nurse you work closely with the family in the care of the child. Pediatric nurses can help ...view middle of the document...

 (Hospice Foundation of America) The focus shifts from curing the illness to helping the patient live with the illness for what length time they have left. Most hospice patients have 6 months to 1 year to live. Hospice nurses offer a lot of emotional support to the patient and there family. They help the patient accept that death is soon coming and how to get there affairs in order. After the patients passing they continue to offer support to the family in dealing with their loss of the loved one. Hospice helped my family at one time and the compassion and support we received truly was outstanding.
Director of nursing supervises the care of all patients at the facility. They usually have training in health care management. Most times the director of nursing is second to the Administer. Directors communicate between nursing staff and physicians of the facility. To be a director of nursing you should be a good judge of character, great leadership abilities and be skilled at conflict-resolution. This position is a stressful job but pays well.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical and health service managers, including nursing directors, are projected to see a 22% increase in employment from 2010-2020. The mean annual wages for these workers were $98,460 in May 2012. (The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (

The many areas that a nursing degree can take you is large and open to what you as an individual may like. Are you pulled toward children are do prefer more of a paper pushing manager type position? The work is long and hard and emotionally draining at times, but the rewards and satisfaction out way it all.

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