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Sex used to be a taboo thing in Vietnam , as well as most Oriental countries . As you guys know , our ancestors never mentioned this topic . They considered Sex and sexual intercourse to be private and instictive matters . They didn't want their children to know anything about it too soon . According to what they offen lectured , their children would learn how to do it by instinct one day as they had done before . It really terrible and incredible when a couple didn't have any chance to have a look at each other before marriage in ancient Vitenam ! 

Nowadays , Sex is becoming common and it can be put forward as a topic conversation among young people . They can see and understand a lot by ...view middle of the document...

The class started out with a bang on day one. We studied charts of the male and female anatomy and went through a detailed examination of every single gland, tube, and
extremity of the human reproductive system. What's wrong with this segment? Nothing, save the fact that we have learned those parts over and over for 5 straight years! It's time for educators to face the facts. We may be kids, and we may be wild, but we don't have problems remembering where our genitalia are located, and how babies are made.

On day two, we were required to fill out a worksheet that stereotyped men and women. It was supposed to designate sex roles for males and females. Running down the middle of
the sheet was a list of various character traits, like "strong, compassionate, frail, and emotional" which we had to match with one sex. According to that worksheet, a male and a female can't be compassionate at the same point and time! Not only was this a lame waste of my time, but it went against all
the "diversity" education that we've had. Putting men and women into black and white categories is sexist, and we shouldn't have to deal with it.

On day three, we had the priviledge of hearing a guest speaker from the Family Planning Center in town. She passed around diaphragms, spermicide canisters, an abundance of condoms, and even a vial of semen. She spoke on behalf of Abstinence for about 20 seconds, and then spent the remaining 40 minutes talking about the joys of contraceptives, and the availibility of free birth control pills, pregnancy tests, and pelvic exams. She made it seem like sex is a great thing for teens, regardless of the consequences. In fact, she presented so many contraceptives, and so many ways to prevent a pregnancy that it seemed as if not having sex would be an act of ignorance. Thank you, Family Planning. Kids now know that there are hundreds of safety nets for having protected, or unprotected sex. Sexual activity should reach an all time high with teenagers thanks to "planners" like this.

I continue to hope that the situation will improve, but it hasn't. Today we completed an activity that involved assigning an appropriate contraceptive to hypothetical situations. Although it was an option, I was disappointed to learn from our instructor that Abstinence was not the best choice for any of this situations. In another activity, we were faced with a teenager who wanted to have sex with his girlfriend, but didn't know how to approach her. We had to decide how he could use spermicide foam on his girlfriend while making it romantic for her. Since when is foam romantic? I suggested a bubble bath, utilizing the foam for something practical.

If there are any adults out there that care, you will do something about this situation. Ever day that goes by is pumped full of illegitimate reasons to have sex, and they dream up a new sex activity everyday. We don't deserve this treatment. Please let your opinions be known. 
I think they tried to...

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