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Nursing Leadership Essay

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A Leaders Vision in Nursing
Mirel Herskovits
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR 504
July 25, 2014
A Leaders Vision in Nursing
Vision, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, is a thought, concept, or object formed by the imagination. The word comes from Latin, Visio- meaning wisdom. Visions become reality when they have has three elements: creativity, perseverance, and action. A vision for nursing is an image for the future. Effective leaders know, that without a vision, you cannot think about the future. It promotes structure and helps to guide a group to achieve a goal.
My vision is a simple one. It is to create an environment where nurses are empowered ...view middle of the document...

Creating a shared vision that will empower the staff is vital. Felgen (2003) believed that success in leadership is dependent on the leader’s ability to have a vision of caring as the basis for nursing practice within the institution. Second, management needs to incorporate the input of staff in order to create enthusiasm. When the goal between staff and management is mutual, staff performance is improved and better outcomes of care are inevitable. Burtson & Stichler (2010) say that it is important for nurse leaders/management to foster staff members internal motivation to care.  It is up to management to create an expectation of caring factors and lead by example, to model the way especially in the most trying times.  By doing this, the staff will be motivated to strive for better and achieve positive outcomes. Third, knowledge is power. Transforming an organization to a culture of caring requires an investment in people and time (Glembocki & Dunn, 2011). Implement caring into education. Providing an in-depth class on nursing theory during the orientation process can have a positive impact on new nurses.
Many theorists such as Madeline Leininger and Jean Watson have made invaluable contributions to the nursing discipline. We live in a fast paced ever-changing healthcare environment where “Dominant institutional values and commitments are informed and guided by economics, technology, medical science…instead of basic consideration of what it means to be human, vulnerable, to be ill, to be cured, to be health and to be healed” (Watson, 2006 p87, Glembocki & Dunn, 2010). In order to ensure success of a caring institution, education has to start from when the nurse is learning her ABC’s. Another factor that is important to meet the goals of a ideas encouragement by rewarding and recognizing efforts of the desired behavior. Rewarding desirable behavior is a good way to reinforce it and encourage its continuance.
Analysis of Evidence
Many research studies and literature can be found on the concept of caring in nursing. Research and scholarly publication continue to demonstrate the importance of human caring as a central focus for the professional practice (Roach, 2002; Robinson, 2012). According to Robinson’s research as well as that of the American Hospital Associations and the Hospital Consumers Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) annual surveys, the act of caring in nursing can be linked to patient satisfaction, health status, length of stay and healthcare cost. In other words, patient satisfaction is an indicator of quality of care.
Twenty-four nurses that experienced giving care to...

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