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Nursing Ob Essay

657 words - 3 pages

This is intended as a guide and not all inclusive. The material for OB Exam 1 will be over Chapters 9,10, 11, 12, 19, 20 in your textbook.

Chapter 9
1. Intimate Partner Violence- the actual or threatened physical or sexual violence or psychological/emotional abuse. It includes threats of physical or sexual violence when the threat is used to CONTROL a person’s actions
a. Incidence pg. 215
b. Definitions
c. Characteristics pg. 216
d. Types of Abuse/Violence pg. 217- emotional, physical, financial and sexual
e. The Cycle of Violence- box 9.1 pg. 217; pg. 216-217 paragraph
i. Phase 1- Tension building
ii. Phase 2- Acute battering
...view middle of the document...

Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy
v. Subjective
w. Objective
x. Positive
y. Timeline of signs and symptoms
5. Physiological Changes of Pregnancy
z. Uterus
{. Cervix
|. Vagina
}. Ovaries
~. Cardiovascular
. Respiratory
. Gastrointestinal
. Renal/Urinary
. Musculoskeletal
. Integumentary
. Endocrine including pancreatic, thyroid, and adrenal gland
6. Psychosocial Changes in Pregnancy
7. Preconceptual Care and Health Assessment
8. Initial Prenatal Care
. Reproductive History
. Physical Examination
. Laboratory Testing
. Follow-up Visit Planning
9. Assessment of Fetal Wellbeing
. Fundal Height
. Fetal Movement
. Fetal Heart Rate
. Ultrasonography
. Alpha-Fetoprotein Analysis
. Amniocentesis
. Chorionic Villus Sampling
. Nonstress Test
. Contraction Stress Test
. Biophysical Profile
10. Nursing Care, Teaching, and Management during any of the above testing or assessments.
11. Teaching Guidelines for promotion of self-care during Pregnancy.
12. Nursing Care and Teaching regarding common discomforts of pregnancy.
13. Nursing Care and Teaching in meeting the nutritional needs of a pregnant woman.
14. Reasons for Perinatal Education
15. Danger Signs that require prompt evaluation and care.

Chapter 19 and 20
1. High-risk Pregnancy
2. Bleeding During Pregnancy
a. Spontaneous Abortion...

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