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My nursing Professional portfolio

American nursing association has defined nursing as “the protection ,promotion ,and optimization of health and abilities ,prevention of illness and injury ,alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response ,and advocacy in the care of individuals, families ,communities and populations” (Evans & Lang, 2004). However, I am going to give my personal philosophical understanding of nursing .There is much more to nursing than described by American nursing association .In my view nursing care entails management of the acquired professional knowledge ,caring ,honesty and maintenance of secrecy so that patients medical ...view middle of the document...

My short term goal after finishing my graduate studies will be to seek for an internship position in a health care facility .This will help me gain practical experience in dealing with patients’ as I will ensure that I choose a fully registered and experienced nurse expert so that he can act as y mentor. During this period I will be able to bridge the bridge between theoretical lessons learnt in class with reality .This would take five months as I believe this period would offer me enough prior to employment experience (Evans & Lang, 2004).
From the sixth month to the third year after my graduation I will look for a permanent position in a government hospital so that I can work on full time basis as to enhance my skills. During this period I will be able to use the acquired knowledge on holistic assessment of patient’s illnesses so as to help me diagnose and treat them. At the same time I would like to serve as an educator and a mentor in the nursing practice (Evans & Lang, 2004).

After the end of the first three years in the practicing field , I intent to go back to school to pursue further post graduate studies. This will help me in advancing my knowledge enabling me to venture into innovative evidence based intercession health care. This will also be in pursuit of proficiency in health care as I will be able to acquire scientific knowledge as well as expertise in clinical competency. I would thereafter wish to venture into the education system as a lecturer in teaching issues related...

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