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Nursing Statement Essay

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Professional Roles & Values Project
This is an examination of the professional roles of the author, highlighting the thoughts, processes, nursing concepts, and theories of his nursing practice. We will examine here some of the concepts necessary for the professional practice of nursing, together with examples and implementation from the author’s practice. These will combine to show the Professional Nursing Mission Statement of the author. In reading this paper, please understand that author practices nursing in several different types of clinical settings. .
Functional Differences Between Regulatory Agencies and Professional Organizations
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The California Nursing Association is a subsection of the American Nursing Association. The ANA is “the major national nursing organization concerned with broad scope of practice issues; standard of practice, scope of practice, ethics, legal, and employment.”(Cherry & Jacob, 2011). It serves to protect the interest of nurses and promote the profession of nursing. It began in 1896 as the Nurses Associated Alumnae and was formed into American Nurses Association in 1911. (Wikepedia, 2015) It is a professional organization rather than a regulatory agency because it is not created by any law, and has no legal responsibilities imposed on it. Membership is voluntary, and the organization claims to speak in the best interest of nurses.
An example to clarify the difference between the two would be instructive. The American Nursing Association publishes a code of ethics. That code reads in part “the nurse participates in the advancement of the profession through contributions to practice, education, administration and knowledge development. By completing this paper, and this course, C304 Professional Roles and Values, the student is following the ANA code of ethics by professionally advancing himself. The student is additionally complying with the California Board of Nursing requirements for continuing education. When I renew my license in 2017, this course will count for 30 contact hours of continuing education credit. (State of California ) So while the nurse is following a set of professional goals from the ANA, the nurse is simultaneously complying with minimum licensure requirements from the state of California.
While in this particular instance, the code of ethics of the American Nursing Association and the California Board of Nursing overlap, that is not always the case. Additionally, the Code of Ethics covers many areas that are not provided for under the California Board of Nursing.
Code of Ethics and Personal Practice
Nursing ethics is a “system of principles concerning the actions of the nurse in his or her relationships with patients, patient’s family members, other health care providers, policymakers and society as a whole.”(Cherry & Jacob, 2011) As a practicing nurse, I find myself using these principles on a regular basis. Several of these ethical practices require of me that I be very proactive to my job. Since I received my license, I have been volunteering one shift per month at a local free clinic. The nurses at the clinic do vitals, in house lab work, and screening on all patients before they see a primary care provider. When possible, we fill prescriptions from available supplies.
The area that I live in has a large population of migrant workers coming to the clinic. I quickly learned that in this area, the migrant population that we serve has an unusually high rate of diabetes mellitus type 2. While there is a spot on the day sheet (which we complete for each patient before seeing a PCP), it is not normal for...

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